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Surge Protective Devices offer ratings up to 690 Vac.

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Surge Protective Devices offer ratings up to 690 Vac.

Jun 27, 2014 - Featuring UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized ratings up to 690 Vac for 3-phase WYE configurations, Surge-Trap Pluggable DIN-rail SPDs are intended for Oil and Gas and Wind Power applications. TPMOV® Technology delivers fail-safe protection and does not require additional overcurrent protection upstream. Available with or without N-G protection, each features visual and remote status indicator. SPDs offer 200 kA short-circuit rating, 50 kA max discharge current, and 20 kA nominal discharge current.

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Mersen Extends its Offering of Surge-Trap® Pluggable DIN-Rail Surge Protective Device (SPD) up to 690 Vac

Press release date: Jun 25, 2014

NEWBURYPORT, MA  — Mersen’s Surge-Trap Pluggable (STP series) DIN-rail SPD now includes UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized ratings up to 690VAC for 3-Phase WYE configurations.

The STP 690VAC offerings are intended for applications such as Oil & Gas and Wind Power where 690VAC voltage configurations are commonly used. Mersen’s STP series is both UL and IEC certified to the latest industry standards and feature Mersen’s patented TPMOV® Technology inside. TPMOV Technology delivers fail-safe protection to the installation and does not require additional overcurrent protection upstream of the SPD saving users and installers valuable panel space, time and cost.

Product Features and Benefits
Choose from two new catalog numbers, STP6903PYGM for 3-Phase WYE without N-G protection and STP6903PYM for 3-Phase WYE including N-G protection. Each unit is equipped with a visual and remote status indicator to easily signal product end-of-life. Mersen’s STP series also features replaceable (aka pluggable) SPD modules allowing users a tool-free, time-saving change-out method, without removing the DIN-rail base, when replacing SPD’s that have reached end-of-life. Mersen’s STP series offers the highest electrical ratings available on the market including short-circuit current rating (200kA), Maximum Discharge Current (50kA) and Nominal Discharge Current (20kA).

About Mersen
Mersen is a worldwide expert in high-performance materials for extreme environments and in the reliability and safety of electrical installations. Drawing on a century of experience—and an ongoing commitment to critical research in electrical safety— it provides industrial, commercial, and OEM customers with innovative products and unsurpassed technical support. Mersen Electrical Power provides a comprehensive line of current-limiting fuses (low voltage, general purpose, medium voltage, semiconductor, miniature and glass, and special purpose) and accessories, fuse blocks and holders, power distribution blocks, low voltage disconnect switches, surge protective devices, high power switches, heatsinks, laminated bus bars, and more.

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