Surface Mount Power Inductors offer low DC resistance.

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Accommodating wide range of inductance values, Series 6000A and 6000B are suited for energy storage, input or output filtering, and DC/DC converter applications. Series 6000A, comprising 11 models, offers inductance values from 5.8-57.8 µH, max current values from 4.9-14.5 A, and DC resistance from 5-36 mW. Available in 8 models, Series 6000B offers inductance from 47-680 µH with 3.0-10.5 A max current, and DC resistance from 13-135 mW.

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Surface Mount Power Inductors Offer Lowest DC Resistance and High Current and Inductance Values

Murata Power Solutions today announced the 6000A and 6000B series of surface mount power inductors. Designed for energy storage, input or output filtering and DC/DC converter applications, these compact inductors offer what is believed to be the lowest DC resistance values currently available. Both series can accommodate high current throughput and offer a wide range of inductance values.

The 6000A series comprises 11 models, with inductance values ranging from 5.8 to 57.8 uH, maximum current values (Idc) from 4.9 to 14.5 A, and a DC resistance from 5 to 36 mOhm.

Offering inductance values from 47 to 680 uH the 6000B series has 8 models that accommodates maximum current from 3.0 to 10.5 A, and have a DC resistance of 13 to 135 mOhm.

The inductors are supplied in tape and reel packaging for high volume, automated surface mount assembly and comply with the J-STD-020D reflow process.

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