Surface Hardness Evaluator offers automated measurement.

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Computer-controlled FISCHERSCOPE® H100C measures microhardness and evaluates material properties. One-spot measurement provides information about surface hardness and hardness patterns within boundary layers. Three instrument models are available: H100C S contains measuring head, PC and WIN-HCU® 32Bit Windows® program; H100C XYm is equipped with positioning device with manual XY table; and H100C XYp version includes programmable XY table.

Original Press Release:

New Fischerscope(R) H100C Offers Breakthrough Technology For Measuring Microhardness And Material Properties

WINDSOR, CT (December 21, 2001) -Responding to increasingly stringent demands of surface treatment technology for advanced measuring processes and devices, Fischer Technology introduces the FISCHERSCOPE® H100C with breakthrough technology for measuring microhardness and evaluating material properties.

The computer controlled FISCHERSCOPE H100C system for automated microhardness measurement -the new, totally upgraded version of the groundbreaking FISCHERSCOPE H100 model launched 15 years ago- succeeds where classic measuring processes reach their limits.

The fast, precise, effective and user-friendly FISCHERSCOPE H100C provides high levels of accuracy and meaningful, undistorted measuring results. In a single measurement, users obtain information about the hardness of the surface and the hardness pattern within boundary layers near the surface, the elastic and plastic properties, plus the creep properties of the material.

In addition, since the hardness pattern is obtained through measurements carried out in one spot, the measuring results are unaffected by previous measurement points in the testing area.

The computer-controlled, automatic microhardness measuring processes are executed quickly, free of subjective influences, and a comprehensive analysis of the results is carried out.

The measuring methods incorporated in the FISCHERSCOPE H100C make it well equipped to meet the most demanding requirements, from providing detailed information about the microhardness or the hardness pattern in very thin layers, to carrying out several measurements or measurements with negligible impact on the surface.

The FISCHERSCOPE H100C is appropriate for a wide range of microhardness measurements, including paint and lacquer, electro-plating and hard material coating, according to DIN50359, DIN EN ISO 14577, DIN 55676 and VDI/VDE Guideline No. 2626.

With automated measurement and analysis, the FISCHERSCOPE H100C is exceptionally user-friendly and economical. Its operation simply requires specifying test force or maximum penetration times, force-application times, and desired material
characteristics; placing the test sample, and starting the automatic measurement.

Three different instrument models allow users to select the version that is best suited to their needs and budget. The base version Fischerscope H100C S contains the measuring head, PC and WIN-HCU® software, a 32Bit Windows® program, which can
be run on Windows versions 98/NT or newer.

The FISCHERSCOPE H100C XYm model is equipped with a positioning device, which includes a manual XY table for positioning the test sample using the video image of the object being measured, and automatic movement of XY table to the measuring position.

Equipped with all of the above features, the FISCHERSCOPE H100C XYp version is available with a programmable XY table. This system is particularly suited for fully automatic measurements on pre-programmed measuring points on the test sample.

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