Support the Maintenance of Water Health with Efficient, Reliable Chlorophyll Measurement from Jenway 67 Series Spectrophotometers

Staffordshire, UK – Bibby Scientific demonstrates how users of the company’s popular Jenway 67 series spectrophotometers can implement them in assessments of chlorophyll in water samples. When it comes to these crucial analyses, the quality optics installed in the instruments reliably deliver results to the level of precision required to meet strict water testing requirements. Further details are available in application note Spectrophotometry of chlorophyll a and b, which can be downloaded from

Within this application note, Bibby Scientific explores how mixtures of chlorophyll a and b within samples can be distinguished by their spectra using a Jenway 6715 spectrophotometer with a narrow band width. Chlorophyll a is a crucial indicator of eutrophication, which can result in increasing oxygen consumption and depletion in water bodies and changes in community structure or death of the local fauna. Reliably monitoring chlorophyll is therefore a crucial part of maintaining water quality. In the reported investigation, researchers’ use of Jenway instrumentation allowed the amounts of chlorophyll in their samples to be reliably approximated.

The Jenway 67 series of spectrophotometers include the Model 6700, which covers the visible spectrum and has a 4nm bandwidth, and the Models 6705 and 6715, which cover the UV/visible range of the spectrum and have a 4nm and 1.5nm bandwidth respectively. All benefit from high quality, sealed split beam optics for optimum photometric performance, and have an extensive range of accessories available for flexibility and improved productivity. With secure multi-user operation, colour touch screen display and the ability to save to SD memory cards, they deliver exceptional ease of use and fit seamlessly into laboratory processes and operations. In addition, all come with Bibby Scientific’s 3 year warranty.

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