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Designed for supply chain and sales/operations planning and collaboration, ICON-SCP v10 gives companies visibility they need to manage risk and extreme variables in global supply chain. Flexible planning tools can take unforeseen issues, analyze data, re-configure, and produce new plan within minutes. Using demand planning and collaboration tools, companies can calculate optimal inventory buffers based on target service levels, replenishment lead-time, and historical shifts in demand.

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ICON-SCM Releases Latest Version of ICON-SCP for Supply Chain, S&OP Planning and Collaboration

Version 10 of the Company's Flagship Product Provides Additional Flexibility, Improved Reporting and Expanded Constraint Planning at Unmatched Speed

SAN JOSE, Calif., -- ICON-SCM, a leader in supply chain planning and collaboration software, today announced the latest version of its popular ICON-SCP software for supply chain and sales and operations (S&OP) planning and collaboration. The newest release offers additional flexibility in the planning process, expanded constraint planning delivered at unprecedented speeds, and new and easier-to-use reporting tools, all contained in a single integrated software solution.

Supply chain challenges continue to increase in complexity as manufacturers, and those outsourcing, try to meet increasingly dynamic demand, supply availability, and complex customer requirements while still being efficient and containing cost. The sheer number of world-wide partners, suppliers and vendors involved in the global supply chain requires precision planning and collaboration with no room for inefficiencies, errors or overly manual processes. Companies need to navigate the changing and unpredictable constraints in the supply chain with planning and collaboration tools that are detailed, accurate and available in minutes. The latest enhancements in ICON-SCP give companies the visibility and planning capabilities they need to manage risk and the extreme variables in today's global supply chain.

Faster and More Complete Constraint Planning

ICON-SCP has always been one of the most powerful tools available for capacity and materials constraint Sales & Operations Planning. While other tools may look at a select number of constraints in the supply chain, they do not tackle the multitude of issues that can impact the supply chain at any given time. Alternatively, some planning software may cover the depth of constraint issues, but can take days to deliver an accurate plan to address these constraints. ICON-SCP not only handles multiple and complex constraints, the product also delivers comprehensive plans and reports within seconds, making it the fastest product available today. ICON-SCP version 10 adds capabilities to manage the constraints more easily with rules and wizards. The new reporting engine now utilizes the Java(TM) platform for increased scalability and even faster results.


While the global supply chain can be unpredictable, there is a significant difference between unforeseen and unplanned. The extended enterprise supply chain is inherently complex and volatile. The ability to align supplier commitments with S&OP processes regardless of supply chain complexities is critical for companies seeking to reduce supply chain risk, operate more efficiently, capture additional demand, and gain competitive advantage. ICON-SCP's flexible planning tools can take unforeseen issues, analyze the data, re-configure and produce a new plan within minutes, allowing companies to quickly respond, adjust, and keep moving.

ICON-SCP also includes new demand planning and collaboration tools. New inventory optimization lets companies calculate optimal inventory buffers based on target service levels, replenishment lead-time and historical shifts in demand. The product also includes new demand collaboration features that gather data and information from multiple sources within the extended enterprise. ICON-SCP aligns different demand streams to create a consensus demand plan.

Expanded Reports

ICON-SCM has expanded the reporting capabilities available in ICON-SCP. The improved report wizard makes it easier for customers to configure reports and perform ad-hoc analytics. New reports include a graphical representation of prioritized demand and supply gaps.


ICON-SCP version 10 is available now for both Linux and Microsoft Windows and can use Oracle 10g/11g or MS SQL Server 2005/2008. The new release is also available as software as a service (SaaS).

"Our customers deal with global business, sales and operations processes that are too massive to be managed manually, and they cannot spend days analyzing reports and figuring out the best possible plan about how to get their products to market," said Stephan Hofmann, SVP Product and Development of ICON-SCM. "Companies not only need a holistic view of their business and S&OP challenges, but they also need to have the capability to move quickly and precisely. ICON-SCP attacks these challenges and processes in a deep and accurate way with a single manageable, solution that delivers results with lightening-fast speed."


Founded in 1992, ICON-SCM provides technology and manufacturing companies with supply chain planning and collaboration software that is widely regarded as the fastest and most intelligent tools available. A CSCMP 2009 Innovation Award honoree, the company helps customers such as Hewlett Packard, Foxconn, Sanmina-SCI and Western Digital have unprecedented vision into the depth and breadth of their supply chain, enabling them to make quick and accurate decisions in volatile global supply conditions. ICON-SCM is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, with offices in San Jose, CA and Chennai, India. For more information, please visit

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