Supply Chain Software Module finds non-productive inventory.

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Designed for Zemeter supply chain management software, Inventory Analyzer provides scientific way to identify pockets of non-productive inventory so businesses can reduce working capital. It gives users bird's eye view of total cash reductions achievable across materials and plants, and can quantify dollars reducible at flexible levels of aggregation, by any slice/dice combination. Updating of inventory status and reduction progress is done continuously.

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Supply Chain Consultants Introduces Timely New Supply Chain Tool That Performs Data Analysis to Reduce Non-Productive Inventory

Inventory Analyzer provides multiple types of user-defined inventory calculations to help free working capital while maintaining excellent levels of customer service WILMINGTON, DEL. - April 28, 2009 - Supply Chain Consultants ( today announced the introduction of a new inventory management module for its Zemeter family of supply chain management software tools. Reducing inventories and conserving working capital is the number one issue in the supply chain today. Supply Chain Consultants' newly released Inventory Analyzer (IA) provides a scientific way to identify pockets of non-productive inventory so a business can reduce working capital without hurting other business goals. As a result of the economic recession, products of all types are beginning to back up in the supply chain. This rapidly growing inventory represents huge sums of money tied up in an idle asset. "Pressures to reduce working capital have never been greater," said Sujit Singh, chief operating officer of Supply Chain Consultants. "The need to generate cash is more urgent than ever before. Now, for the first time, there is a painless way to identify not only what inventories can be cut, but also exactly how many dollars can be reduced. At the same time, the process allows you to see areas where "inventory right-sizing" indicates the need to increase certain stocks or rebalance their location." The many benefits of the Inventory Analysis software include: o Reducing inventories without harming customer service; o Quantifying dollars reducible (over target) at flexible levels of aggregation (by any slice/dice combination); o Providing executives with a clear, simple "bird's eye view" of total cash reductions achievable across materials and plants; o Updating inventory status continuously; and o Tracking progress continuously versus using reduction targets. The IA product can deliver measurable results in 30 days. The end result of using IA is an inventory rationalization that is easily achieved and has no negative impact on providing great customer service. "Based on our experience with initial users, this new inventory management tool has been able to demonstrate savings of tens of millions of dollars," said Singh. "We believe we can replicate this kind of savings with any large manufacturing company." The new inventory analysis product is available immediately. For a demonstration and to learn more about product pricing, call Ron Votto at 302-738-9215 x263. About Supply Chain Consultants
Supply Chain Consultants (SCC), founded in 1993, is a supply chain management software and services company with headquarters in Wilmington, Del., and European operations located in Antwerp, Belgium. SCC's Zemeter software and related services help manufacturers better plan demand, manage inventories, plan production and replenishment, and schedule operations. Zemeter enhances productivity and reduces operating costs at a wide variety of companies including Hexion Chemicals, Terra Industries, Invista, Sunsweet Growers and ANADIGICS. For more information, see

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