Supply Chain Security Platform Provides Critical Visibility for Every Business Process

It's 11:08 am. Do you know where your cargo is... and who has their hands on it?

LIVINGSTON, N.J., Dec. 15 / -- E.J. Brooks Company, the world's leading logistics security provider, and System Planning Corporation, a research and development company specializing in high-technology systems for government and commerce, have joined to create the Brooks-GlobalTrak(TM) system. Brooks-GlobalTrak is a user-managed, fully integrated, global real-time cargo condition and security platform that does not require investment in costly communication reader infrastructure.

Using existing GSM and satellite communication networks and comprehensive application software to manage the real-time collection, analysis, and distribution of business data, Brooks-GlobalTrak's services can be deployed by the enterprise as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. The Brooks-GlobalTrak secure Web portal, called the Information Management Bureau (IMB), operates on sophisticated, user-defined, business rules with a document-centric, publish/subscribe approach that simplifies the integration of data with user IT systems. The software engine of the IMB is powered by the VISixD(TM) core from VI Agents.

The Brooks-GlobalTrak platform tracks and monitors the location and condition of goods in-transit, no matter the location or size of the conveyance, providing immediately actionable inventory data to all stakeholders in any enterprise's supply chain. With internet access each authorized user will have the granular supply chain visibility necessary to effectively manage and respond to security breaches, in transit disruptions, changes in market conditions, or shifts in demand.

Logistics teams will have real-time cargo condition and global shipment location information from supplier to delivery, while inventory control and quality control managers get accurate data on precisely what is in a shipment and the condition of the goods. Retail managers can see what merchandise is coming and when. The security and risk management teams want and will receive actionable information, through immediate SMS door open/door breach alerting, plus reports on what happens to the shipment as it passes through vulnerable stretches in the supply chain. Financial managers will get visibility into transportation costs and inventory investment as well as not having to be concerned with the significant capital investment required to establish proprietary communication infrastructure necessary to convey data as with other tracking systems. The trade compliance officer and legal team will benefit from detailed information on the secure progress and compliance and progress of the cargo. The flow of data facilitates true collaborative planning within the enterprise and with supply chain partners.

All stakeholders can take advantage of Brooks-GlobalTrak's ability to electronically fuse any shipping document - BOL, Importer Security Filing, packing list - to the in-transit shipment data envelope available on the IMB. Stakeholder and supply chain partners' access to data can be as broad or as limited as required.

How it works
A Brooks-GlobalTrak asset monitoring unit (AMU), which is incorporated into the shipment, is equipped with sensors for location and cargo condition. User -specified periodic reports and real-time alerts are provided over publicly available networks via cell or satellite to the IMB. No additional reader infrastructure is required. The AMUs ride invisibly inside the conveyance packaged as part of the cargo, or if satellite communication is required, mount easily on the container/trailer.

The AMU internal cargo condition suite includes temperature, light, acoustics, motion, tamper, and other sensor options. The AMU wirelessly monitors the status of Brooks-GlobalTrak electronic Hercules(TM) bolt seals that secure the shipment conveyance as well as electronic Hyperion(TM) strap seals on individual elements of the shipment. The small AMU can be placed inside pallets, totes, and packages. AMUs with built-in readers for active RFID seals or tags offer a "virtual warehouse" for mobile inventory management. This capability also facilitates flow-through and cross-docking operations for RFID-tagged cargo.

Additional cargo condition monitoring can be provided by wireless Remote Sensor Nodes that have temperature, humidity, and shock sensors plus ports for custom sensors. The Remote Sensor Nodes can be placed anywhere within the cargo to provide monitoring of specific condition parameters.

Visibility is Security(TM)

About E.J. Brooks Company

Founded in 1873, E.J. Brooks Company is an ISO 9001-2000 registered company. Brooks, the only C-TPAT validated and BASC certified seal manufacturer, is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of ISO 17712-compliant high security intermodal bolts and cable seals as well as tamper evident indicative security seals and metering related products for the utility industry. For 135 years, Brooks' innovative products have been used by a diverse number of industries to safeguard their revenue and assets. Brooks provides security seals and locking devices to the transportation, retail, money handling, chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Based in Livingston, N.J., USA, Brooks has operating units and licensees in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and China. Visit Brooks and subsidiaries online at

About System Planning Corporation

System Planning Corporation was founded in 1970 to provide the government with solutions to complex security problems through the application of systems engineering concepts. For 37 years, SPC has been a research/studies organization focusing on arms control, nuclear weapons, and advanced technologies. SPC also designs and builds specialty "low-observables" radars. SPC initiated development of the GlobalTrak® system in response to the post-9/11 threat environment and adapted the system for commercial supply chain security and visibility applications. Visit SPC at

For complete information on the Brooks-GlobalTrak family of track and monitor security products and how to manage the data flow from the Information Management Bureau to benefit your company, please visit or contact Richard Kirk of E.J. Brooks Company at or 800-458-7325 or +1- 973-597-2900.

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