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Supply Chain Execution Software offers voice picking module.

Press Release Summary:

Oct 02, 2009 - Suited for warehouses and distribution centers, R-Voice v3.0 Voice Picking Solution incorporates XML interface that enables WMS integration and accelerates deployment. Functionality is optimized for accuracy and productivity in case and broken case picking, and voice processes can be tuned to match exacting requirements. Processes are included for identifying and correcting errors/problems, tracking outbound pallet contents, and confirming locations/pallets are empty while picking.

Robocom Systems International Inc. - Farmingdale, NY

Original Press Release

Robocom Announces the Release of R-Voice 3.0 - Voice Picking Solution

Press release date: Sep 28, 2009

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. and MARKHAM, Ontario, Sept. 28 -- Robocom Systems International announced today the release of R-Voice 3.0 Voice Picking Solution to help Warehouse and Distribution Center Managers achieve the productivity gains being demanded of them in this tough economic environment. A key technical advancement is the integration of a XML interface enabling an enhanced integration with the warehouse management solution as well as a faster deployment.

"Today's announcement of R-Voice 3.0 is the result of Robocom listening to the needs of its customers and the ability of our Development Team to meet those needs," said Fred Radcliffe, Robocom's President. "We are pleased with our customer centric approach to product development and the level of cooperation and feedback that customers are providing Robocom. This has allowed us to quickly release R-Voice 3.0 which in turn will help our customers achieve their productivity goals."

Robocom's R-Voice 3.0 will enable customers to: -- Achieve a rapid deployment resulting in reduced implementation costs and faster return on investment -- Tune voice processes to match exacting requirements such as lot control, case tracking and exception handling -- Reduce training time for new employees and achieve higher productivity and accuracy in much less time -- Integrate R-Voice with existing WMS, including SAP WM via the XML interface

"Robocom continues to be keenly focused on the needs of the business leaders responsible for the day-to-day results in warehousing and distribution center operations," said Fred Radcliffe, Robocom President. "R-Voice is another tool that the operating managers can use to deliver the cost savings that are being demanded of them. We are excited about bringing this new capability to our customers and we continue to believe that we have one of the best development teams in the supply chain execution software industry."

About Robocom's R-Voice: R-Voice is an interactive picking module designed for high accuracy and high productivity in case and broken case picking. The module includes processes for identifying and correcting errors and problems, tracking outbound pallet contents and confirming locations and pallets are empty while picking. Configurable options include the ability to scan case or item bar codes to confirm serial numbers, items and item attributes in those applications where case serial tracking, lot tracking and/or variable weight are required.

About Robocom Systems International - Robocom is a leading supplier of supply chain execution software and services, founded in 1982, with offices in New York, Toronto, Minneapolis and Europe. Robocom's products include industry-specific Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management System, Voice Picking and Labor Management System. We enhance, implement and support robust and efficient software that performs as predicted and yields the positive business results your enterprise demands.