Supplied Air Systems remove carbon monoxide.

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Portable, continuous-use Respiratory Protectors(TM) provide clean, humidified air to workers, while allowing freedom of movement. Units convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide as well as remove other toxic gases from breathing air. Utilizing low temperature LT CAT(TM) catalyst, systems do not require desiccant dryers. Available in 10 and 50 scfm models, Respiratory Protectors are packaged in weatherproof enclosure and include carbon monoxide monitor.

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Portable Supplied Air System Removes Carbon Monoxide And Other Toxic Gases

Unique Low Temperature Catalyst Offers Significant Cost Savings

HICKSVILLE, OH - October 14, 2005 - MST. Inc., has announced a line of air purification equipment for use with supplied air respirators. Respiratory Protector® Portable CO Removal Systems are the only truly portable, continuous-use CO removal systems available. They provide clean, humidified air to workers, while allowing extra freedom of movement not available with traditional wall-mount units.

Respiratory Protector systems convert carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide as well as removing many other toxic gases from breathing air. Utilizing the company's patented low temperature LT CAT(TM) catalyst, the systems do not require elaborate desiccant dryers, which often double the cost of competing technologies. Additionally, because dryers are not needed, operation is truly continuous... eliminating the need to purge moisture as experienced elsewhere.

MST's Respiratory Protector systems also provide greater operator comfort. Because the breathing air is comfortably humid, worker discomfort from overly-dry nasal passages is reduced or eliminated.

Two portable models are available, a 10 SCFM unit weighing 19 lbs. and a 50 SCFM unit weighing 31 lbs. Each is packaged in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure and comes complete with a carbon monoxide monitor.

In addition to removing CO, the Respiratory Protector system removes ozone, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, acetaldehyde, methyl chloride, methyl ethyl ketene. acetone and methyl alcohol.

Supplied-air respirators are used to provide air to workers in contaminated atmospheres found in paint spraying, sand blasting, welding asbestos abatement and other applications. Air is usually supplied by oil-lubricated air compressors. Contaminates such as oil, rust, water, scale and deadly carbon monoxide can find their way into the intake of the compressor, or be produced by the compressor itself, turning a protective breathing apparatus into a hazardous accessory. MST's products purify or filter the supplied air to reduce these contaminants.

MST, Inc. can provide a complete package of supplied breathing air products including: ambient air pumps, point of attachment systems, CO-removal purification systems, non-CO filtration systems, CO monitors, calibration kits and accessories.
MST, Inc. is located at 11388 Breininger Rd., P. O. Box 87, Hicksville, OH 43526. Telephone 800-542-6646, FAX 419-542-6475. Web: email:

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