Supercapacitors feature lightweight design.

Press Release Summary:

With sealed, flexible package, SuperXCaps feature conformal shape that can be bent around radius or stacked on top of each other to produce nearly any shape or electrical configuration for achieving desired power delivery requirements. Reliable in service for hundreds of thousands of charging cycles, units show negligible voltage losses over long periods of time.

Original Press Release:

Lightweight Supercapacitor Packs More W/kg, Provides Greater Design Flexiblity

Philadelphia, PA (February 2, 2006) - OptiXtal, Inc., a Delaware incorporated technology research firm, announces the introduction of their new SuperXCap* supercapacitor.

SuperXCaps are more powerful than other supercapacitors because their extremely lightweight design enables them to deliver more watts/kg of weight. Unlike bulky cylindrical capacitor designs, the sealed flexible film package developed by OptiXtal's research team has the conformal shape quality to give engineers wider design flexibility. SuperXCaps can be bent around a radius or stacked one on top of the other to produce nearly any desirable shape and electrical configuration...series, parallel or any combination thereof to achieve the desired power delivery requirements.

Laboratory tests of the new SuperXCap's performance compared to several of the other leading brands show that SuperXCaps are nearly 250% lighter and capable of delivering equal power (Watts Delivered/Kilogram). This is a powerful performance advantage, particularly for designers of communications equipment that need to think "smaller and lighter" for their designs. SuperXCaps charge fast to full capacity and show negligable voltage losses over long periods of time. Proven in lab testing, these supercapacitors are shown to be reliable in service for hundreds of thousands of charging cycles.

Because SuperXCaps are so light, manufacturing can be easily automated to produce these supercapacitors in variable sizes with a minimal investment in high-tech equipment and personnel. Which means they can be brought to market at a 20% to 30% pricing advantage.

OptiXtal, Inc. is seeking serious investors to help bring this proven new SuperXCap
supercapacitor to market.

For technical information and specifications on OptiXtal supercapacitors, please visit our webiste at For investors and other interested parties, please contact: Dr. Sagar Venkateswaran, President, at 267-257-8139. Or write to: OptiXtal, Inc., 1901 S. 54th. Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143.

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