Super Heavyweight VTL Tackles Heavy Duty Cutting Perfect for Oil/Gas and Aerospace Industries

· 52,000 lbs. heavyweight VTL has the power for heavy duty cutting

· Box way construction makes for an extremely rigid, strong, and stable VTL

· Big, strong ram and column are ideal for heavy duty, large parts turning

· Aircraft Series VTL easily cuts tough Inconels, Waspalloys, and hard materials

· Heavy duty spindle tackles even the heaviest cuts

· Geared table drives generate tremendous table torque

Lorain, Ohio - The VTL-1100ATC Vertical Turning Center from You Ji is exceptionally strong and extremely powerful, making it ideal for heavy duty, large parts turning. Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. offers this super heavyweight machine, which tips the scales at an impressive 52,000 lbs. The machine is engineered for manufacturers requiring tremendously rigid, strong, and stable machines, such as those in the aircraft and power generation industries.

The VTL-1000ATC boasts heavily ribbed Meehanite castings that minimize thermal distortion and dampen vibration. Both X and Z axes are supported by oversized, hardened, ground box ways that are completely enclosed to ensure the delivery of the forced lubrication system all ensuring high precision cutting even on the largest parts. You Ji's high speed way system enables very fast rapid traverse rates of 472 IPM. The VTL's symmetrical design and exceedingly large column supply additional rigidity and stiffness. Complementing these is a 7.1" x 7.1" square ram (Z axis) that is also extremely rigid - even when extended to its full 31.5" stroke. A moveable crossrail with 20" of travel is standard for the machining of taller workpieces.

In addition to the massive column, ram, and box ways, the VTL-1000ATC incorporates large diameter, preloaded Class 3 double nut ballscrews in X and Z. The machine's highly reliable servo motors directly drive the ballscrews, eliminating belts or gears for further precision. All machines come with a matched Fanuc control, servo, and spindle system that ensures system reliability, precision, and long-term machining performance.

The VTC's heavy duty spindle is built to withstand the toughest cutting conditions. It incorporates a beefy 18" O.D. diameter precision Timken cross roller bearing that easily bears high axial and radial loads. In addition, the spindle's 50 HP Fanuc high torque motor is coupled with a two-speed ZF gear box. The combination generates tremendous spindle/table torque - 7,375 ft-lb - providing plenty of power for heavy duty machining.

The umbrella-style ATC stores twelve #50 taper tools and provides shortest route tool selection. The machine is also equipped with a standard conveyor that washes away chips and coolant for maximum machine productivity.

Options include a contouring C axis with live tools for drilling and contouring. The C axis can be positioned to 0.001 degree for drilling and tapping. It can also be used as a full contouring axis. The live tooling used for the C-axis is backed by a 15 HP, two-speed gear box drive system that delivers up to 2,400 RPM. Other custom options include larger capacity tool magazines (up to 60 tools), auto tool presetter, and much more.


Maximum Swing 53.14"
Maximum Turning Diameter 45.27"
Maximum Cross Travel (X Axis) -15.7"; +30.5"
Maximum Longitudinal Travel (Z Axis) 31.5"
Maximum Cutting Height 49.8"

Spindle Motor 50 HP
Spindle Load 8,800 lbs.
Spindle RPM 2 - 600
Spindle Torque 7.375 ft-lb
Manual Chuck 40" 4-Jaw Independent

Rapid Traverse Rate X, Z 472, 394 IPM
Cutting Feed Rate 0.00004 - 19.6 IPM
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.0003" full stroke
Repeatability +/- 0.0002"

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