Super-fast Plug Connectors for the New USB3.0 Standard

Munich, - Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its portfolio of I/O connectors with the super-fast USB 3.0 series.

In addition to its extensive line of USB 2.0, mini, and microUSB connectors, Yamaichi is now also offering a line of USB 3.0 interfaces. This brings Yamaichi into the high-speed USB connector market, because unlike the existing USB 2.0 interface (up to a maximum of 480 Mbit/sec), USB 3.0 connectors carry up to 5 Gbit/sec. Of course, downward compatibility with the existing USB 2.0 standard is a given.

Yamaichi currently offers the following versions:
Description                        Article number
USB3.0 A-Type, SMT, Single Port USB-3.0-A-S9-FL-R
USB3.0 A-Type, TH, Single Port USB-3.0-A-T9-FL-R
USB3.0 A-Type, SMT, Dual Port USB-3.0-A-S9-DPS-4-FL-T
with or without EMI guide

To guarantee fast data transfer, appropriate high-speed cables with USB 3.0 plugs are needed. They are covered by the wide variety of the USB 3.0 program. All cables can be assembled with a wide variety of cable connectors, as needed by the customer. The high-quality processing and insertion moulding of the connectors are a given.

All connectors, whether on the device or the cable side, are high in quality, are gold-plated, and are packaged on trays or in tape and reel.

In addition to this new connector system, Yamaichi offers a broad portfolio and board-to-board and board-to-cable solutions in a variety of pitches and versions.

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