Suncor Stainless, Inc. Gets Hands-On with Swage Fittings

Introducing the New Stainless Steel Hand Swage Series of Turnbuckles and Fittings

Plymouth, MA - Suncor Stainless, Inc. has developed a new line of stainless steel hand swage fittings and turnbuckles to add to their already expansive collection of stainless steel rigging hardware. After extensive development and testing, Suncor perfected the strength, durability and effectiveness of their new hand swage fittings. Suncor's hand swage series boasts 19 different types of stainless steel terminals and turnbuckles to fill the needs of various marine, lifeline and architectural applications.

In January 2010, Suncor Stainless Engineers began to aggressively research and develop stainless steel hand swage components. "We have Quick Attach(TM) mechanical swage fittings and machine swage fittings; it was only a matter of time and research till we developed a hand swage line. We essentially made a swage fitting with the same quality as our machine swage fitting, but with ¾ of the working load and requiring less force to compress onto the wire rope" says Patrick Striebel, President of Suncor Stainless, Inc. The onset of the current economic crisis spurred Suncor to offer their customers an affordable and practical alternative to the existing swage components that are available in the marine and architectural markets today.

These 19 hand swage components are made from grade 316 stainless steel (open body turnbuckles feature a chromed bronze body) for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. They are offered in two different sizes, 1/8" and 3/16" and feature open body, closed body, pelican hook, lifeline adjuster, toggle, eye, double eye, swivel eye, wall mount, stud and terminal styles. Suncor recommends using a 7x7 construction stainless steel wire rope (or vinyl coated wire rope). When installed properly, these hand swage fittings will hold approximately 65 - 75% of the strength of 7x7 wire rope. Suncor also offers hand tools and an electric portable tool, which were specifically developed for use in conjunction with the hand swage series.

These stainless steel fittings and turnbuckles were primarily developed for lifeline, residential/commercial cable railing and other low weight bearing applications. They allow for gated and non-gated lifelines and feature a swivel wall mounting base for stair applications. Although these fittings have multiple uses, Suncor does not approve their use for standing rigging or high load applications.

Throughout their existence, Suncor Stainless has been offering stainless steel hardware for do-it-yourself-enthusiasts and professionals alike. "The new hand swage series allows our customers to install lifelines on a sailboat or a cable railing system on a deck quickly and easily. We give them the means to have a professional look at a fraction of the cost," says Patrick Striebel. Machine swaging tools are expensive. Suncor's hand swage tool is an economical alternative for an easy marine or architectural installation.

Suncor Stainless has a network of dealers throughout the United States that offer these stainless steel hand swage components and other quality hardware. Please contact a Suncor Sales Representative to find a dealer near you. To learn more about these swage fittings or other Suncor Stainless hardware, please visit or call (800) 394-2222.

Suncor Stainless, Inc. is a leading manufacturer for stainless steel hardware in the industrial, marine, government, architectural, OEM and commercial industries. Suncor's modern facilities manufacture the highest quality stainless steel chain, wire rope assemblies and custom parts. The in-house capabilities include a product development staff, whose tireless efforts along with valuable input from clients, work to continuously improve and perfect their ever-expanding product line.


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