Summit Introduces SDIO Embedded Wi-Fi Solution

MSD10G module brings proven technology to next-generation mobile computers

Akron, Ohio, February 24, 2009 - Summit Data Communications (, the leader in embedded Wi-Fi® solutions for mobile computers and other business-critical mobile devices, today announced its first Wi-Fi radio module with an SDIO interface. The SDC-MSD10G module is an 802.11b/g radio that uses the same hardware and software technology proven in nearly a half-million enterprise devices used in challenging environments worldwide.

While most of today's business-critical mobile devices rely on Wi-Fi radios that use a compact flash (CF) interface, the processors in many new mobile devices have native support for SDIO but not CF. As a result, demand for Wi-Fi radios with an SDIO interface is on the rise. Nearly every SDIO Wi-Fi radio in the market is designed for consumer devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players.

"In the consumer device space, any Wi-Fi radio that is very small and consumes little power is acceptable," said Ron Seide, Summit's president. "In the enterprise device space, a Wi-Fi radio must deliver a secure, reliable connection, even when the device is on the move. Consumer-grade Wi-Fi radios simply don't meet the requirements of enterprise devices."

The MSD10G module does. Its hardware, tested for nearly three years in the most challenging environments in the world, consumes a modest amount of power while delivering unmatched range to connect over long distances. Its software provides an enterprise-class feature set for robust security, reliable connectivity, fast roaming, and easy configuration and administration. Like all other Summit solutions, the MSD10G module will be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED(TM) and certified for Version 4 of Cisco Compatible Extensions, or CCX.

The list price for the Summit MSD10G module, which will be generally available in March, is US$99. All software capabilities and certifications are included with Summit products at no additional charge. Volume discount information is available to qualified mobile device vendors by sending an E-mail to or calling +1 330.434.7929.

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