Summing Box supports up to 4 load cells.

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Enabling use of C2®, eCAL™, and Integrated Technician® technologies, HI 6010 distributes excitation voltage to up to 4 load cells and transfers each load cell's performance characteristics and weight signals to weight controller. Unit is housed in NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with threaded brass cover inserts, O-ring, and flangeless surface mounting for sanitary wash-down installation. Box is suited for batching/blending, filling/dispensing, level-by-weight, and check-weighing applications.

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New 6010 Summing Box from Hardy

For Process Weighing, Batching/Blending, Filling/Dispensing, Level-by-Weight, and Check-weighing Applications

Hardy’s new HI 6010 Summing box is a critical component in a weighing system that enables use of Hardy’s core technologies - C2®, eCAL™, and Integrated Technician® (IT). The summing box distributes excitation voltage to up to four load cells and transfers each load cell’s performance characteristics and weight signals to the Hardy weight controller. A summing card with IT allows a weighing instrument operator to switch to the summing card’s internal test circuit and diagnose the entire weighing system from the front panel of the instrument or a remote location over the Internet. Individual load cells can be isolated from each other for weight and voltage readings, allowing a technician or operator to quickly and safely troubleshoot weighing system faults and anomalies.

The HI 6010 Summing box is available with a variety of options (e.g. with or without IT or trim pots for non-Hardy load cells) and ships in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure. The enclosure features a thick-wall design, threaded brass cover (on/off) inserts, an o-ring and ‘flangeless’ surface mounting for a long lasting, robust, sanitary wash-down installation. Each box comes with two packaged hole plugs and five cable grip fittings suitable for load cell cables with an outside diameter of 1/4 to 3/8 inches. A label is provided on the underside of the top cover to record load cell assemblies.

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About Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Process Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in the weighing automation world by providing high accuracy and precision measurements, while seamlessly integrating process weight signals into the plant control system. In almost all industries, manufacturing operations require materials to be weighed at some point of the production process. Process instrumentation can help improve processes and achieve operational excellence in the four major areas of the supply chain:

STOCK - for accurate inventory management MAKE - the ability to deploy batch and/or continuous processes PACK - for accurate and repeatable filling measurement and control SHIP - for flexible consolidation and reconsolidation of packed goods

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