Sumitomo Electric's Innovative SMD Replaceable Carbide Tip Drill Allows One Drill Body to Mount Multiple Drill Size Heads

Mount Prospect, IL-Sumitomo's new SMD Replaceable Carbide Tip Drill is the most versatile, easy to inventory and cost-effective drilling system today.
For reduced costs and inventory, the hardened steel drill body of the SMD accepts multiple drill size heads. And, the carbide replaceable drill head can be reground. Offering long tool life, these new wear-resistant drill heads consist of extremely tough carbide and Sumitomo's ZX coating. The ZX coating boasts 2000 layers for long wear resistance.

The SMD is accurate and easy to assemble. Ground serrations on the back of the drill head allow for precise, two-screw assembly and exceptional hole accuracy.
The SMD is available in metric and inch diameters ranging from 0.5469"-0.8906" with 3X and 5X diameter coolant-thru drill bodies.

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