Subwoofers feature high amplitude multi-roll surround.

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Type-X Subwoofers provide maximum excursion with high sound quality. Combination of High Amplitude Multi-Roll Surround with woofer's carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb cone provides higher output and improved sound quality. Models offered are 12 in. dual 4 ohm SWX-1242D and 10 in. dual 4 ohm SWX-1042D. Subwoofers use vented basket and billet copper shorting sleeves with thermal coupling plate for voice coil cooling.

Original Press Release:

Alpine Ships High-Endtype-X Subwoofers, Completing Type-X Family

TORRANCE, Calif., July 21, 2004 ­Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, today announced that is has begun shipping its high performance Type-X subwoofers. Alpine's two new Type-X subwoofers match the sophisticated level of detail and precision found in its high-end Type-X speakers.

Available now through authorized Alpine dealers is the 12-inch dual 4ohm SWX-1242D (target retail price $450) and the 10-inch dual 4ohm SWX-1042D (target retail price $400). The Type-X subwoofers deliver maximum excursion with unbelievable sound quality through the use of a High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround. The combination of the HAMR Surround and the woofer's carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb cone provides the optimal combination for huge output and tight sound quality.

Type-X subwoofers use a unique vented basket to provide superior voice coil cooling. This patent-pending design uses air channels within the frame to force hot air out to integrated heat vents, which keep it from coming back in contact with the coil. Additionally, the patent-pending billet copper shorting sleeves with thermal coupling plate provide even more heat dissipation.

With the aid of sophisticated computer modeling, Alpine's patented Compound Radius Curve Pole Geometry achieves a new level of magnetic optimization, resulting in higher SPL, lower distortion and a wide magnetic "sweet spot." This accuracy and focus of the magnetic field gives better control to the new patent-pending four-layer voice coil windings on both sides of the bobbin, inside and out, for increased power handling.

The new Type-X subwoofers' reinforced layer tinsel lead design places the terminals on the same side, providing easy access for installation and configuration while maintaining balance and incredible durability. These unique terminals will handle heavy gauge speaker wire and can easily be wired for series or parallel applications.

Alpine also redesigned its Type-X component speaker line for 2004 with a 1-1/4" ring-radiator tweeter previously only found in the ultra-premium AlpineF#1Status speakers, ensuring superior imaging, staging and overall smooth characteristics.

The 2004 Type-X speakers feature a 46 percent smaller crossover while improving upon Alpine's unique phase coherent design in both ease-of-use and adjustability. This advanced capability enables users to achieve maximum performance that sounds as good in-vehicle as it does in-store.

With three new two-way component sets and a new 6.5-inch midbass kit, the Type-X line is the perfect choice for building a high-end multi-channel sound system. Type-X component speaker sets incorporate Alpine's Micro Dynamics concept, the engineering approach developed for the benchmark AlpineF#1Status series of premium products, which emphasizes attention over every nuance of sound field, sound image and sound quality in an effort to yield the very best sound experience.

The woofers and mid-range speakers featured in the Type-X line are housed in ruggedized, custom cast aluminum frames and feature wood fiber cones with a deep curved conic shape, along with non-resonant suspension coupling. The wood fiber material has a very high strength-to-weight ratio while providing excellent internal damping characteristic, a feature that eliminates unwanted sonic peaks and consequently, results in better sound. The deeper curved conic shape creates better coupling with the voice coil, allowing optimum phase integration with the tweeter for clearer high-end sound. The Low Resonance Multi-Roll Surround (LRMS) provides greater mid-bass sound while damping out unwanted resonance.

About Alpine Electronics

Alpine Electronics is the world's leading automotive consumer electronics system supplier and an ISO certified corporation. Alpine specializes in an integrated platform concept for mobile multimedia with premium components for digital audio/video media playback, digital broadcast reception, and satellite linked navigation. With research and development facilities in Asia, Europe and the U.S., Alpine is the global leader for mobile sound systems and in-vehicle navigation for both after-market and OEM factory installations. Alpine Electronics is a consolidated subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world's premier manufacturers of electronic components for computer, communications and car electronics equipment. Visit to learn more about Alpine products or to find an authorized retailer.

Alpine's 2004 Type-X Subwoofer and Speaker Line

SWX-1242D - 12" Subwoofer (4Ohm + 4Ohm)

o 3,000 watt peak power

o 1,000 watt RMS

Availability: Now; Target Retail Price: $450

SWX-1042D - 10" Subwoofer (4Ohm + 4Ohm)

o 3,000 watt peak power

o 1,000 watt RMS

Availability: Now; Target Retail Price: $400

SPX-177R -- 6-1/2" Component Two-Way Speaker

o 300 watt peak power

o 75 watt RMS

o Frequency response: 35 Hz - 60 kHz

Availability: Now; Target Retail Price: $400/pair

SPX-137R ­ 5-1/4" Component Two-Way Speaker

o 240 watt peak power

o 60 watt RMS

o Frequency response: 40 Hz - 60 kHz

Availability: Now; Target Retail Price: $390/pair

SPX-107R - 4" Component Two-Way Speaker Set

o 160 watt peak power

o 40 watt RMS

o Frequency response: 45 Hz - 60kHz

Availability: Now; Target Retail Price: $380/pair

SPX-17MB 6-1/2" Midbass Kit - Two subwoofers + midbass kit

o 300 watt peak power

o 75 watt RMS

o Frequency response: 30 Hz - 4kHz

Availability: Now; Target Retail Price: $300

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