Subwoofer Signal Processor comes with PC GUI interface.

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SonicMaster2(TM) delivers programmable platform for subwoofer signal conditioning that provides equalization, adjustable filters, and limiters, enabling protection from amplifier clipping and woofer bottoming for active subwoofer designs. Reconfigurable unit also enables addition of all analog AutoEQ processing. Product features 100% analog signal path for Pure Analog Sound, options for push button or rotary controls, LCD display module, factory presets, and end-user adjustments.

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Anadigm® Reveals SonicMaster2(TM), Next Generation Subwoofer Signal Processing Solution with PC GUI Interface

TEMPE, ARIZONA - May 7, 2007 - Advancing the technology of Anadigm's ground-breaking SonicMaster1(TM), the SonicMaster2(TM) offers an advanced bass frequency signal processing module solution with an enhanced feature set that can be easily and quickly adjusted via a PC Graphical Interface. This allows rapid control of parametric settings for subwoofers, active loudspeakers and Low Frequency Effects (LFE). Anadigm's audio dpASP (dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processor) delivers a programmable platform for comprehensive subwoofer signal conditioning that provides equalization, adjustable filters, and limiters, thereby enabling protection from amplifier clipping and woofer bottoming for active subwoofer designs. This platform also enables the addition of audiophile class- "all analog" AutoEQ processing.

Consumers are demanding more features, but easier to understand controls. Room correction/AutoEQ is a feature quickly becoming popular among commercial subwoofers. Room correction, AudioEQ, and other trade names are used to describe expensive DSP based solutions that use a microphone, a test signal and a simple interface to adjust the parametric equalization without specialized user knowledge. This feature should become standard on all high quality subwoofer solutions in a relatively short period of time to meet consumer demand. The Anadigm SonicMaster(TM)-based series of products, with these features will be an easy and inexpensive solution for the subwoofer designer. Now utilizing the Anadigm Graphic User Interface, making adjustments is accomplished in minutes without changes in the system hardware.

SonicMaster2(TM) is available as a chipset from Anadigm, and as a reference design, plate amp module, and finished subwoofer from a number of international OEM and ODM subwoofer plate amplifier vendors, including well known and respected Intersource OEM Inc. ( and DIYCable, Inc. ( "For the first time, the complex filters and limiters required in a subwoofer can be implemented quickly, with full control over key parameters," noted Roger Baker of Intersource OEM. "With Anadigm SonicMaster(TM) dpASPs, audio engineers have the option to add user adjustable features & increase system flexibility, while maintaining the highest audio signal quality, all at a price that is hard to match with other solutions" he added.

Keven Haskins of DIYCable states, "The most advance design ideas for subwoofers can be implemented quickly, with full control over key parametric settings. DIYCable and Anadigm are collaborating on plate amp reference designs and finished solutions. The parametric EQ capabilities of Anadigm's dpASP are of equal audio quality of competing digital DSP based products that usually cost much more." DIYCable will be introducing the Amplidigm, a revolutionary and true 1000 watt Class D amplifier, based on Anadigm SonicMaster(TM) with the following features:

Full 2-band parametric equalization. Cut only down to 1/12th octave with 30dB of cut.
Auto-EQ function with microphone for easy user adjustment
Fully software configurable Linkwitz Transform circuit.
Fully software adjustable 2nd order high-pass rumble filter.
Fully software configurable limiting circuit to prevent overloading.
Fully software adjustable 2nd order (or 4th order if needed) high-pass filter.
Fully software adjustable (via remote control or on the subwoofer interface) gain control.
Phase control
PC based software interface for viewing room response and adjustment of the Auto-EQ parametric EQ settings.
PC based software interface for OEM settings that are not configurable by the end user (rumble filter, Linkwitz Transform, limiting circuit etc.)
Full Balanced or single-ended inputs.

Also from Anadigm is the Subwoofer Module. This SonicMaster2(TM)-based module is a 3.3 volt, 2-chip solution using Anadigm's dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processor (dpASP) with an Audio State Machine, enabling audio designers to develop signal processing functions that can be dynamically configured under the control of easy-to-use graphical software. The slider GUI control 2 band parametric EQ allows for adjustment of Linkwitz Transform Pole Frequency, Pole Q, Zero Frequency, and Zero Q. In addition the designer can adjust the center frequency, bandwidth, and cut of 2 notch filters. The designer can also choose to use the factory pre-selects including the AutoEQ function made popular in SonicMaster1(TM).

The SonicMaster2(TM) evaluation board comes out of the box with useable pre-sets: no engineering time or money is wasted on a steep learning curve. The designer may customize the default settings using an easy to use, graphic user interface. There is no need to learn how to use a DSP, or hire a DSP programmer since this system works entirely in the analog domain. For example, if you decide to add 1 or 2 notches- the center frequency, bandwidth, and cut are easily adjusted using the graphical slider controls.

SonicMaster(TM) features 100% analog signal path for Pure Analog Sound, options for push button or rotary controls, LCD display module, factory presets and end-user adjustments. Additionally, SonicMaster provides programmable standby (AutoOff) power mode, Auto Mute feature that eliminates low-level noise between cuts and standby mode, and optional active differential input connections. In addition, SonicMaster(TM) provides accuracy and control of the filter characteristics to a very high tolerance. This precision and reliability over standard analog components is due to better than 0.1% component matching within the IC, with virtually no drift over temperature. Typical passive crossover networks tend to have tolerances well beyond 10% (especially at high power levels due to thermal drift) and even active op amp designs are approximately 5% variation. Stereo imaging of phased arrays will all benefit from this precision response.

SonicMaster(TM) is dynamically reconfigurable, allowing modifications to circuit parameters while in operation. The device can therefore adapt in real time to changes in the environment where the subwoofer is used. With this feature, designers could offer professional installers or end users the ability to alter frequency and roll-off characteristics in homes for optimal sound quality, or even implement a self-tuning function that would perform this step automatically. If furniture is moved around, or a new listening position is desired in the room, optimization can be accomplished at the touch of a button.

SonicMaster1(TM) and SonicMaster2(TM) are now both immediately available. A full featured SonicMaster2(TM)starter kit that includes evaluation board, embedded software, and PC GUI (AN237K05-EVAL2) is available at a suggested resale price of US$199.00 from the Buy Now section of Anadigm's website or from Anadigm's distributor Nu Horizons (

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