STULZ-ATS Introduces CyberMOD(TM), the First EC Fan Retrofit Kit for Existing Computer Room Air Handlers

STULZ-ATS' CyberMOD(TM) EC Fan Retrofit Kit is an economical approach to finding significant fan energy savings in the cooling systems of existing data centers with no modification to infrastructure or floor tile configuration.

FREDERICK, Md., Nov. 24, 2010 -- STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. (STULZ-ATS), the US design and manufacturing arm of the global STULZ Group today announced the CyberMOD(TM), an easy-to-install EC Fan upgrade kit designed to retrofit older Liebert brand computer room air handlers by replacing inefficient, belt-driven forward curved, DWDI fans with efficient EC plug fans.

A member of the STULZ-ATS family of Mission Energy Products, the CyberMOD(TM) uses EC plug fans; direct drive, single inlet, backward curved radial fans with an electronically commutated (AC to DC) motor. Benefits include adjustable fan speed with no VFD, lower running costs, low-maintenance, no belts or belt dust, low-noise operation, built-in redundancy, more efficient than belt-driven motor, and optimized air distribution into the data center raised floor to avoid hot spots.

EC vs VFD - CyberMOD(TM) has distinct energy-saving advantages over systems using VFD (variable frequency drive) motors. EC Fans are more efficient at partial load, where many data centers are running, because they maintain efficiency throughout the entire speed and load range. They do not rely on incoming line voltage, which results in a more precise air flow. Lower motor temperatures result in a higher net cooling capacity, possibly reducing the number of air conditioners required.

"Not all data center projects are green field projects, and not all data center owners are willing or able, to remove existing cooling equipment and replace it entirely," says Oliver Stulz, President, STULZ-ATS. "The CyberMOD(TM) EC Fan Retrofit kit answers the call for a more economical approach to finding energy savings in existing data centers without a complete redesign of the data center floor plan."

Proven Energy Savings: In a true, apple to apples test conducted at the STULZ-ATS facility, one Liebert 740C was 20% more energy efficient after the CyberMOD(TM) kit was installed. At a CFM of 16,500, the modified CRAH consumed 7.3 kilowatts of fan energy compared to the 8.68 kilowatts consumed at our test facility when maxing out their 10hp forward curved centrifugal fans. Point of interest: The CyberMOD(TM) fans were not running at maximum speed to achieve the published CFM. If the CyberMOD(TM) fans are increased to maximum CFM, even more cooling is available, and if energy savings are the goal, the use of redundant units can achieve savings of over 60%.

The CyberMOD(TM) comes in 2- and 3- fan configurations and is designed specifically to retrofit Liebert Chilled Water Models 529C and 740C Deluxe System/3. CyberMOD(TM) is available for purchase; contact the STULZ-ATS service division for a factory authorized site evaluation and compatibility study.

STULZ-ATS is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of environmental control equipment including a full line of energy efficient precision air conditioners, ultrasonic humidifiers, and desiccant dehumidifiers. The company is responsible for product development, manufacturing, and distribution for the North American arm of the international Stulz GROUP. For more information about STULZ-ATS and their products, call (301) 620-2033, email your request to or visit

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