Studwelder weighs less than 40 lb.

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Designed for shipbuilding industry, portable Model Nelweld® N800i(TM) supports drawn arc, gas arc, as well as short cycle welding. Suited for welding ½ in. fasteners, unit can be used for insulation pin applications, cable hangers, and threaded fasteners.

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Small, Lightweight, Portable Studwelder Propels DONCASTERS' Stud Welding Technology to the Next Level

Nelson Stud Introduces Diverse Stud Welding System for Shipbuilders

Melbourne, UK: Doncasters Group Ltd., a leading global manufacturer of precision components and assemblies is proud to announce the availability of Nelweld® N800i(TM), a light-weight and portable stud welder tailored for the shipbuilding industry.

Manufactured at Nelson Stud Welding, one of Doncasters' Fastener Systems facilities in North America, the newest addition to the group's portable stud welding machines offers extreme portability weighing less than 40 lbs., as well as diversity supporting drawn arc, gas arc and short cycle welding.

"It is extremely important that we listen to our customers," said Ken Caratelli, President of the Fastener Systems division at Doncasters. "The Nelweld® N800i(TM) was developed in response to our customers' need for extreme portability - the lightweight portable design allows a single person to carry the complete welding system, a must in ship building and repairs, where the majority of the ship's components are only accessible through tight hatchways. In addition, this third generation all digital inverter system delivers 50% more power than comparable products. "

Stud welding saves time and money in the fabrication of military and commercial ships. The Nelweld® N800i(TM) is in the forefront with state-of-the-art technology for shipyards throughout the world, accommodating a wide range of input power while using less power than transformer rectifiers.

With applications in the shipbuilding industry, the Nelweld® N800i(TM) is used for an array of products such as insulation pin applications, cable hangers and threaded fasteners. Additionally, with easy set-up, the Nelweld® N800i(TM) is extremely fast and efficient for welding ½ inch fasteners.

Eric J. Lewis, Chief Executive of Doncasters Group Ltd., said, "This system is a perfect example of Doncasters' dedication to meeting our customers' needs by developing new technologies that provide solutions while staying ahead of the competition."

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