Struktol Company of America Launches New Alternative to Traditional Montan Wax Additives

New V-Wax E and V-Wax OP Lubricants are Drop-In Replacements for Use in PVC and Other Thermoplastics

STOW, Ohio, - Struktol Company of America has recently introduced STRUKTOL® V-Wax E and STRUKTOL® V-Wax OP additives as a drop-in replacement for comparable montan wax-based products. The introduction is in response to global raw material shortages and skyrocketing market prices for montan wax-based additives for use as a lubricant in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other thermoplastics.

Traditional montanic wax products are based on the extraction of plant wax from lignite which is refined and processed into products for applications such as polishes, coatings, and lubricants for paper and plastics. A recent global raw material shortage has forced users to eliminate these types of additives from their products or actively search for a replacement. Struktol's new refined, organic wax products are designed to be drop-in replacements for Montan Wax E and Montan Wax OP. They provide equivalent processing and performance in a variety of applications and their inherent chemical composition meets current specifications for montan waxes.

"These new products will allow our customers to seamlessly replace montan waxes with a natural, organic-based replacement without sacrificing any of the performance benefits they have become accustomed to in their applications," said Mike Fulmer, Struktol's Product Manager for Plastic Additives." Fulmer also noted that the new products are comparable in cost to the montan-wax-based materials.

The new products - primarily targeted at calendered PVC sheet for blister packaging - have been well received by customers following extensive testing and evaluation. "By developing these new, unique products we have responded to the needs of the global market," said Juan Bravo, International Technical Manager for Struktol. "Our preliminary applications have shown to be successful and our customers are extremely happy to have options that require minimal or no changes to their processes or formulations."

Potential applications for STRUKTOL® V-Wax E and V-Wax OP are lubricants and release agents for PVC, polyolefins, polyamides, thermoplastic polyesters, polyurethanes, thermosets, and other plastics. In addition these products are used as pigment carriers in coatings for paper, electronics, and polishes.

The first commercial products are expected to be shipped later this month.

About Struktol Company of America

Struktol Company of America, headquartered in Stow, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of process additives for the plastics and rubber industries. The privately-held company provides Intelligent Additive Solutions for a variety of polymer-based products and compounds for the consumer, industrial, packaging, and automotive industries. The company's technical specialists, R&D chemists, and compound laboratory are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to meet the exacting demands of an ever-changing polymer industry. Struktol's R&D center, technical service center, and manufacturing plant are located in Stow, Ohio. The company's additive solutions keep customers ahead of the competition with increased productivity, better quality parts, and lower overall costs. For more information, call (800) 327-8649 or (330) 928-5188 or visit

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