Strong Demand for Food Quality Control in Southern Africa Drives New Partnership

Global pioneer in food product inspection technologies has partnered with regional specialist to supply and service Southern African Industry as regulator indicates stricter food safety legislation

Tampa, Florida, – J-Pak(Pty) Ltd, one of Africa’s leading suppliers of quality control equipment for manufacturers, has partnered with Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) to distribute its advanced x-ray inspection systems in South Africa and neighbouring countries. This alliance gives food processors and bottlers in the region access to technology that enhances quality assurance and enables both domestic and international regulatory compliance.

With proposed changes to the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants (FCD) Act placing greater emphasis on contaminant elimination, the need for comprehensive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) procedures and advanced product inspection is greater than ever. Combined with manufacturers’ liability for damage caused by unsafe goods and the requirement for detailed records in the event of a product recall regulated under the Consumer Protection Act, the market need for advanced food safeaty inspection technologies is well established.

Eagle, represented by J-Pak locally, provides a wide range of advanced, high-performance x-ray inspection solutions designed to maximize detection rates for physical contaminants, such as metal, glass, dense plastics or rubber, calcified bone and mineral stone. These systems are also designed to perform complementary quality checks such as mass measurement (weight checks), seal integrity as well as inspect for missing product or fill level for portion control, allowing for a full quality check with only one piece of machinery. Installing such equipment on the production line can also help food manufacturers comply with international food safety standards, such as the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards Version 7, or the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

In addition, the powerful and feature rich software solutions used in, Eagle equipment is able to support food manufacturers in maximizing production line efficiency. Its SimulTask™ PRO operating system offers easy-to-use product set-up menus to simplify product changeovers, reducing downtime and boosting line flexibility to enhance productivity. The software also allows machine operatives to access performance statistics, which enable them to accurately pinpoint opportunities to further improve operational efficiency.

Speaking about the partnership, Tim Jordan, Sales Director at J-Pak, explained: “South African food exports have increased over the last year, mainly to UK and the European Union (EU), as well as to the US. This means food manufacturers have to ensure their processes comply with the regulations in force in these target regions in order to retain access to lucrative overseas markets.”

“Working with Eagle, we can support local manufacturers in achieving international or domestic business growth, by providing them with high-performance, reliable product inspection solutions. Additionally, operator friendly record-keeping software built into the system will help manufacturers optimize quality control.”

“Through our partnership with J-Pak, we are able to further strengthen our position in Africa, enabling us to reach out to more customers throughout the region ,” added Simon King, Head of Global Sales, Service and Marketing for Eagle. “It is crucial for us to ensure we offer food processors in Africa access to locally-based technical and sector experts. With J-Pak’s long history and reputation for excellence, they were an obvious choice. With this partnership, we provide manufacturers world-class food safety guidance specific to their unique needs, while also providing quick, responsive engineering support.”

J-Pak supplies product inspection solutions to manufacturers in Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique, as well as South Africa. Eagle’s new channel partner also provides local technical expertise from its offices in cities including Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Manufacturers can benefit from quick-response on-site installation and on-going engineering support of Eagle’s solutions, ensuring correct machine set-up to reduce costly downtime and boost detection sensitivity.

To find out more about Eagle’s x-ray inspection technology, visit the Eagle website: or to visit the J-Pak website

About Eagle Product Inspection

Eagle Product Inspection is a pioneer in advanced x-ray inspection and fat analysis systems, delivering robust, market-leading technology and expertise to food and beverage processors and manufacturers around the world. The Eagle Product Inspection line of x-ray inspection systems evaluates in process and finished products for contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and calcified bone while also having the ability to analyze the fat content of meat, count components, check seal integrity as well as measure mass and assess fill levels.

With its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and local offices across the globe, Eagle Product Inspection machines meet today’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification requirements. Eagle and its partners work in close collaboration to ensure that food, beverage and other consumer packaged goods manufacturers and their customers in turn can rest assured that the quality of every product is upheld.

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