Strip Steel Grades include hot-rolled, cold-formed variants.

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Part of steel family that includes strength levels from 220–1100 MPa, Domex 900/960 and Domex 1100, representing hot-rolled and cold-formed steel, help reduce weight while increasing strength and durability in such applications as parts for cranes, building structures, trailer chassis, agricultural and forestry machinery, and utility vehicles. High-strength strip steel properties promote formability, bendability, and weldability as well as tight tolerances and smooth surface finish.

Original Press Release:

The Domex Steel Grade Turns 50 and Introduces a New Generation of Products - 900, 960 and 1100

The new steel grades Domex 900/960 and Domex 1100 represent a new generation of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel. Just in time for SSAB’s fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Domex steel grade, the steel family has expanded and now includes strength levels from 220 up to 1100 MPa.

Higher efficiency and quality

The new Domex steels from SSAB create completely new conditions for efficient production and higher quality. The weight of the end product can now be reduced at the same time that its strength and durability are significantly increased. Outstanding formability, bendability and weldability are some of the steel's unique properties, along with tight tolerances and an excellent smooth surface finish. The results can be seen in the higher quality and the potential to create completely new designs. Meanwhile, greater production efficiency boosts productivity while improving the economy in general.

Domex 900/960 and 1100 are brand new high-strength strip steels for lighter and stronger structures. Berit Arvidsson, product manager for hot-rolled strip products at SSAB, describes the excellent engineering properties of the steel, which performs very well even in more advanced forming methods:

“The new Domex grades are ideal for demanding applications that require high strength, low weight and long range and where customers are looking for advanced design."

SSAB’s microalloyed cold formed steel has a long tradition as a construction material in various industries. It started with Domex YP and XP, and Domex MC is still produced as steel strip to meet current material standards. The new steel grades now make it possible to upgrade existing constructions and open opportunities for completely new design solutions and applications. The steels can be used in applications such as parts for cranes, building structures, trailer chassis, agricultural and forestry machinery and various types of utility vehicles.

New design

Stronger steel provides new opportunities to try different production methods and advanced design concepts. One example is the self-supporting monocoque chassis. Joachim Larsson, design and construction manager for structural steel at SSAB, describes the new developments:

"This is just one of the projects for the future that our designers are working on right now. Stronger steel allows for lighter structures and the high yield point can also be used to improve performance in terms of strength and durability. The smooth surface of the steel results in high end finishes for applications and facilitates painting."

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