String Pots are submersible in water.

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Featuring aluminum or SS housing, IP68 rated string pots are used to measure linear position, using flexible cable and spring-loaded spool. Units have linear measurement ranges of 2-1,700 in. (PT8000 and PT9000 models), and rotary ranges from 1/8-200 turns (RT8000 and RT9000 models). They can be specified with 100 ft of molded electrical cable, with potentiometer, 4-20 mA, or 0-10 Vdc output options available.

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Celesco Introduces a New Line of IP68 Rated String Pots for Submersible Use

Rugged, reliable, and now submersible.... Celesco's new line of IP68 rated string pots are the industry standard for applications requiring submersible service. Featuring an aluminum or stainless steel housing, these units can now be specified with 100 feet of molded electrical cable, eliminating the need for a submersed electrical connection. All IP68 rated units are 100% tested in a simulated pressure situation of 100 feet of water pressure for 2 hours using air as the fluid media. Since air molecules are smaller than water molecules, this test insures that the units will operate flawlessly in real-world applications and environments. Celesco introduced this new line of string pots to satisfy the increased request from customers to provide units that would operate in submerged conditions. Unique submersible applications where Celesco string pots are in use include a naval underwater ordinance test where a Celesco PT9101 measured the velocity of movement from a submerged launch tube, as well as a submerged PT8420 recently used in the filming of a James Bond movie for measuring the movement of movie-making equipment. A Cable Extension Transducer (a.k.a String Pot), is a device used to measure linear position, using a flexible cable and spring-loaded spool. The string pot's body is mounted to a fixed surface and the measurement cable is attached to the moving object. As the object moves, the transducer produces an electrical signal proportional to the cable's linear extension. This signal can then be sent to a display, data acquisition system or controller. String Pots are simple to mount, do not require perfect alignment due to the measurement cable, and are compact in relation to their long measurement range. The units available with IP68 enclosures feature linear measurement ranges of 2 to 1700 inches (PT8000 and PT9000 models), and rotary ranges from 1/8 to 200 turns (RT8000 and RT9000 models). These units may be specified with potentiometer, 4-20mA or 0-10 VDC outputs to suit the customer specific requirements. Bottom line... when the application demands a submersible design, there's only one product that meets the rigorous standards while accurately and reliably performing - Celesco String Pots ... they measure up time after time. About Celesco Transducer Products, Inc.: Celesco Transducer Products, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of linear and rotary measurement transducers that set the standard for easy and reliable position measurement. Founded in 1968, the company has a history of engineering and manufacturing transducers of the highest quality, for exacting applications such as industrial process control, medical equipment, automotive testing and flood-control projects. As the world's largest volume supplier of cable extension "string-pot" position transducers, Celesco has an extensive range of standard product lines that have short lead times. The company also produces specialized, high-volume OEM transducers, a standard line of shaft-driven rotational position transducers, as well as a line of magnetically damped inclinometers. Celesco transducers are proven to be reliable, cost effective, and easy to install and maintain. OEMs and end-users choose Celesco transducers because of their confirmed high accuracy, resolution and repeatability.

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