Strap Wrenches Grip Odd Shapes Firmly, But Gently

WORCESTER, MA August 11, 2009 - What's the best way to loosen or tighten an odd shape without scratching, denting, or crushing? The Simplex and Warnock strap wrenches from Lowell Corporation provide two answers for industrial, construction, water, and high line utility workers as well as for home applications.

Industrial and construction uses include loosening and tightening oddly-shaped and/or frozen fittings, machine and vehicle oil filters, small handwheels, PVC pipe, knurled fasteners and knobs, and turned shafts.

Around the home, the tools are ideal for plumbing repairs and to loosen vehicle oil filters, jar lids, and miscellaneous knobs and odd-shaped handles.

In addition to a cast metal handle, the Simplex has a durable polyester fiber strap that is treated with latex for extra grip. The Simplex also features a unique nose configuration. The combination gives the user a lot of gripping power but minimizes the risk of marring or damaging highly polished or painted surfaces.

Four handle lengths are available: 6" (4" standard diameter capacity) 12", (2" capacity), 18" (5" capacity), and 24" (12" capacity). Strap widths range from ½" to 2-¼" and lengths from 17" to 54". Custom strap lengths are available on request.

The Simplex conforms to U.S. Federal Spec. GGG-W-651, Type V.

The Warnock differs from the Simplex in that the latex-treated strap feeds through a drop-forged shackle. The shackle swings away from the handle for quick strap adjustment and securely holds the strap in closed position and provides extra turning force, again without damaging the surface of the work.

Warnock, handle lengths and capacities are 12" (2" capacity), 18" (5" capacity), and 24" (12" capacity). Strap widths range from 1-¼" to 2-¼". Strap lengths range from 17" to 54" and custom lengths are available on request.

Both wrenches have a baked-on epoxy finish that is harder, solvent-resistant, and, as a result, more durable, than conventional finishes.

All Lowell wrenches are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery.

For more information about Lowell wrenches, or for a full-line catalog, call 800/456-9355 or 508/835-2900, email, or visit the company's web site:

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