Strand Pelletizer delivers easy cleanout and quick turnaround.

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Designed for 24/7 operation, Bullet Series offers features to optimize efficiency and production for laboratory and small-volume applications. Single pneumatic cylinder, with upper feed roll that remains parallel with bottom roll, produces uniform pulling force with varying diameter strands. With minimal pellet hold-up points and 6 in. cutting diameter, series includes 3 models with 2, 4, and 6 in. cutting widths.

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Reduction Engineering Scheer's Bullet Series Strand Pelletizer Offers Easy Cleanout and Fast Changeovers

New Pelletizer Merges Two Technologies to Deliver Greater Efficiency and Production

KENT, Ohio - Reduction Engineering Scheer, a leading supplier of pelletizers and pulverizers, has launched the Bullet Series Strand Pelletizer, an innovative unit which delivers easy cleanout, quick turnaround, and easy operation. Designed for 24/7 operation, this unique pelletizer combines two technologies to create a unique design which maximizes efficiency and production for both laboratory and small-volume production.

Reduction Engineering Scheer has combined the high-quality cutting performance of the Model 304 pelletizer with innovative features of the E-Series pelletizer which Reduction Engineering acquired through its acquisition of Scheer Pelletizing Machinery in Stuttgart, Germany.

"We have merged proven designs from Europe and the U.S. to deliver a next-generation unit that provides user-friendly features, fast turnarounds, and high efficiency," according to Tom Kernstock, product manager for Reduction Engineering Scheer.

The Bullet Series is easier and faster to clean and service yet still maintains the cutting performance and quality of the Model 304 pelletizer. It boasts tool-less removable in-feed and discharge chutes which facilitate multiple material changeovers. This is particularly important for compounders who may have multiple changeovers during a shift. The Bullet Series also has a small footprint and minimized pellet hold-up points.

Another key feature is a single, large pneumatic cylinder with an upper feed roll that remains parallel with the bottom roll. It produces a greater uniform pulling force with varying diameter strands resulting in less waste.

The Bullet Series pelletizer - which has a six-inch cutting diameter - comes in three models with 2-, 4-, and 6-in cutting widths. The pelletizer is commercially available and has been sold to both compounders and masterbatch producers in the U.S.

About Reduction Engineering Scheer
Founded in 1992, Reduction Engineering was preceded by Accu-Grind Inc., a service center for industrial knives, such as pelletizer rotors, granulators, and pulverizer discs. The company was started by virtue of a client needing to purchase a better pulverizing system. Word-of-mouth of a new system for pulverizing roto-grade material pushed Reduction Engineering to the forefront as it merged with Accu-Grind in 1994. The company began machining rotor knives for Conair pelletizers in 2000, took over assembly of the pelletizers in 2002, and purchased the line from Conair in 2006. In 2001, the company partnered with Rotoline, a sister company in Brazil, for the sales and distribution of rotomolding machinery. In 2008, Reduction Engineering purchased the assets of CF Scheer in Stuttgart, Germany, the world's largest manufacturer of strand pelletizers. Today, Reduction Engineering Scheer Inc. is the largest supplier of pulverizing and strand pelletizing machinery in the world. The company focuses heavily on R&D to develop new products to complement its evolving line of equipment for pulverizing, rotomolding, PVC compounding, and resin manufacturing. More information is available by calling (330) 677-2225, e-mail, or visit

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