STRAHL Downhole Camera features on-screen depth counter.

Press Release Summary:

STRAHL Downhole Camera comes with a cable to motorized reel and a DVR unit for control functions. Unit is suitable for applications ranging from inspecting water and oil wells to various shafts, mines, and tanks. The CCD cameras consist of two solid camera heads for 360° rotation and straight view down the hole. The DVR unit features 10 in. LCD display and 128 GB hard drive. Unit’s Wi-Fi module helps in interacting with Android application and provides connectivity up to 100 m range.

Original Press Release:

Cost-Effective Downhole Camera for Well and Shaft Inspection has recently expanded its product line of well inspection cameras. The new STRAHL Downhole Camera is an affordable and easy to operate system ideal for a wide array of applications, from inspecting water and oil wells to various shafts, mines, and tanks. The system consists of two main parts - a cable on a compact motorized reel with adjustable speed, and a DVR unit which provides control functions.

The cable is 8.5mm in diameter and its length runs up to 500 meters (1640') depending on the customer's needs. A solid and durable camera head is equipped with two CCD cameras. One of them has a 360-degree rotation and ensures panoramic view, while the other is designed especially for a straight view down the hole. Super bright LED lights enable sufficient illumination even in completely dark areas. A 570 mm (22.44") long camera head is 63 mm (2.48") in diameter. The camera head is waterproof up to 50 bar in fresh water.

The DVR unit features a large high-resolution 10" LCD display, an integrated 128GB hard drive, and a number of additional built-in features. They include a Wifi module, and an on-screen depth counter, and a compass. The Wifi module interacts with a specially designed Android application and provides connectivity in the range of up to 100 meters (300 ft.). Captured photo and video files (JPEG and MPEG 2 respectively) can be saved either directly onto the hard drive or on an external USB storage device.

Versatility, portable and compact design, coupled with cost-effectiveness make the new STRAHL Downhole Camera a valuable addition to the existing product line.

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