Straddle Stackers feature regenerative breaking.

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Model EJB 25/35 heavy-duty walkie straddle stackers feature load capacities of 2500 and 3500 lbs respectively. Multifunctional handles provide total control of travel, speed, and lifting functions. Regenerative braking is achieved when butterfly control is in zero position and straddle stacker slows down. Battery energy is recovered by electromagnetic disc brake. Other features include electric 1.5 kW motor and hydraulic pump with 3 kw series-wound motor.

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"Walkie" Straddle Stackers With Regenerative Braking Provide Maintenance-Free Long Service Life


Model EJB 25/35, heavy-duty walkie straddle stackers, that feature regenerative braking to provide long service life in an unlimited number of material handling operations, are available from Multiton MIC Corporation, Richmond, Va. The EJB 25 and EJB 35 Straddle Stackers feature a multifunctional handle that allows operators total control of travel speed and lifting functions. The vehicles are most productive in a host of industrial and commercial applications, such as: grocery stores and food distribution centers, industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, processing facilities and assembly lines, among others. Regenerative braking is achieved when the butterfly control is in the zero position and the straddle stacker slows down. Battery energy is recovered by an electromagnetic disc brake that is connected to the drive shaft. Battery life is extended and overall operating times and cycles are significantly longer than conventional trucks.

The EJB stackers are engineered with a variety of modern safety features that improve performance while maximizing operator control, including: a multifunctional handle that allows operators to maneuver the vehicle and perform lifting/lowering functions without removing their hands from the handle; an easily accessible emergency stop button; a "deadman" braking system that is activated when the control handle is released; a reversing "belly button" switch that reduces the chance of injury, and an enclosed bumper that protects the operator's feet.

The multifunctional handle, an articulated/swiveling control handle, has two butterfly controls for finite control of travel speeds; push buttons for lifting and lowering the forks with sensing control, and a crawl speed button that allows the truck to move with the handle in the upright position. Other standard features include: a powerful electric 1.5 kW motor with high overload capacity; 24V, 250AH maintenance free battery/charger pack (4x6 Volt); eccentrically mounted handle for maximum visibility when moving loads; high pressure hydraulic pump with 3 kw series-wound motor for infinitely variable lifting and lowering speeds, and easily accessible electrical and hydraulic systems for trouble-free maintenance.

The EJB 25 has a 2500-pound load capacity and the EJB 35 has a load capacity of 3500 pounds. The 80.75-inch long, 44.25-inch wide, EJB series has a polyurethane, large 9-inch diameter, 2.75- inch wide drive wheel and 3.35-inch diameter, 4.33-inch wide load wheels for easy heavy-duty movement. Maximum travel speed for the EJB stackers is 3.75 mph with or without a load and the maximum lift speed is 45 ft/min without load and 28 ft/min with load.

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