Storage Units keep business record archives organized.

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Record storage units help prepare for upcoming 07-08 file clean-up at end of fiscal year by organizing and archiving numerous documents that accumulate over life of business. Two versions are available: one which uses particle board decking to support archive boxes, and all-steel unit. Each storage unit is expandable and designed to incorporate standard archive box size of 16½ x 2½ x 10½ in. Tee post design allows new units to be snapped into place as storage needs change.

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Getting the Records Straight

Shelving, Inc. has products to help organize business records and files.

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI-12/12/07-Shelving, Inc. announces the availability of record storage units to prepare businesses for the upcoming 07-08 file clean up.

At the end of the fiscal year is when businesses need to start organizing their files and start preparing for the next. Record storage units are a must for the office during this time.

Shelving, Inc president, Joe Schodowski, says that record storage units are the best way to organize and archive the numerous files that accumulate over the life of a business. "These units are a must for businesses at this time of year. Not only are record storage units easy to assemble, but they can be easily expanded to house even more file boxes, ensuring that your records storage unit is large enough for all of your business' records."

There are currently two types of record storage units available from Shelving, Inc.'s website, The first utilizes particle board decking to support archive boxes. The second is an all steel unit which provides even greater box support. Furthermore, using the steel box supports can potentially offer savings on fire insurance premiums with certain insurance providers.

All storage units are designed to incorporate the standard archive box size of 2-½ " wide x 16-½" deep x 10-½" high. Also, additions to the record storage units are easy, as all of them incorporate a tee post design, allowing new units to snap into place easily as storage needs change.

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For nearly 50 years, Shelving, Inc. has helped business and industry bring order to the messiness of the workplace. The experts at Shelving, Inc. streamline storage procedures and organize any commercial or public space. Shelving, Inc. has served the business community in the Detroit metropolitan area since 1960. Beginning in 1996, it began serving customers nationwide when the company launched its first cyberstore at Increasingly, these customers requested products for their homes. The owners of Shelving, Inc. decided it was time to launch their second cyberstore and first residential showroom. At, and a showroom in Madison Heights, Michigan they now bring their organizational expertise to any storage space in your home. Shelving, Inc. and The Shelving Store have two distribution centers that ship products globally.

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