Storage Platform protects medical imaging data.

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Able to be attached to current IP networks, Express Platform for Medical Imaging provides SMBs with preconfigured, integrated hardware and software bundle that helps store, retrieve, and protect sensitive, patient-related data. Compact design, which integrates RAID 5 data protection, also comes preloaded with software for data backup protection. It facilitates deployment, supports various open standards, and provides for scalable storage growth.

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IBM Express Platform for Medical Imaging - Designed to Help Small Hospitals, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, and Clinics Address the Growing Challenge of Storing and Protecting Sensitive Medical Imaging Data

At a glance
IBM Express Platform for Medical Imaging:

Is a preconfigured, integrated, and tested hardware and software bundle for entry-level small and medium businesses
Is designed to help store, retrieve, and secure sensitive medical imaging data for retrieval by Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS) applications
Provides an affordable offering that can be attached to current IP networks and provides the flexibility of scalable storage growth
Provides advanced RAID 5 data protection
Offers preloaded software for data backup protection
Provides flexible prepackaged configurations to address a wide range of storage needs
Offers a Solutions Starting Point that includes a Windows Wizard for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and complementary assets to accelerate the time to value

IBM Express Platform for Medical Imaging, an integrated storage solution, is designed to provide an easy to implement and use storage platform for small-sized and medium-sized customers installing medical imaging applications. Designed to be easy to install and operate, the solution leverages IBM technology with a pretested platform that is specifically architected to meet the demanding storage requirements of medical imaging customers. IBM Express Platform for Medical Imaging can help small hospitals, digital imaging centers, and clinics store, retrieve, and protect sensitive patient-related medical imaging data. The system's compact design can help with fast and easy deployment, and supports a number of open standards.

IBM Express Platform for Medical Imaging integrates IBM technology, including IBM xSeries® and BladeCenter® servers, IBM System Storage SCSI storage disk drives and subsystems, Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technologies, LTO Tape, and Tivoli® software as a preconfigured, ready-to-install, IP or SAN-attachable solution.

As part of this offering, IBM plans to develop a Solution Starting Point that includes a Windows(TM) Wizard for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to help more easily install and configure Tivoli Storage Manager. To help IBM Business Partners develop, sell and deploy Tivoli Storage Manager into their customer environment, this Solution Starting Point will include a set of assets, such as a solution overview guide, implementation guide, planning guide, and solution demo toolkit.

Ordered, delivered, and installed as an integrated storage platform, each configuration provides upgrade options for increased storage capacity.

Key prerequisites
IBM Express Platform for Medical Imaging can be ordered through participating IBM Business Partners.

Availability date
October 11, 2005

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