Storage and Picking System increases pickers' safety.

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Shelf Storage and Picking System presents 2 sets of shelves at one time to pickers. Shelving units are designed to take up allotted space to increase storage efficiency. Pickers work from pick area located outside harsh environments where product may be stored, while shelves rotate to display available inventory. Suited for freezer storage or limited space operations, unit maintains FIFO control and keeps inventory safe from theft or damage.

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SK Daifuku Patent Takes Workers Out Of Harm's Way

Shelf Storage and Picking System Brings Inventory to Pickers More Efficiently and Safely

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - SK Daifuku has a new answer to material handling questions posed by operations that need to fit a large amount of inventory into a small space without the luxury of building vertically. The Shelf Storage and Picking System developed by SK Daifuku engineer Cris Stevens brings a large number of SKUs to pickers in a fast and reliable manner that rivals the speed of carousels when batch picking while allowing for the maximum amount of storage in a small space.

The Shelf Storage and Picking System works by presenting two sets of shelves at a time to pickers. In a small area, such as a freezer, the shelves allow for the densest possible storage of product. Shelving units are designed to take up the allotted space so there's more efficiency in storage. Pickers work from a pick area located outside the harsh environments where product may be stored, while shelves rotate to display the available inventory. The system can be used to fill a batch of orders in the most efficient manner possible.

"The Shelf Storage and Picking System is an ideal solution for freezer storage because it removes the workers from the harsh environment," says Cris Stevens, SK Daifuku's engineer. "But this system will be a solution for any type of operation that may have limited space because it offers so many advantages."

Not only does this innovative system separate workers from harsh and potentially unsafe environments, but it is also ergonomically beneficial by presenting the product to the pickers without wasting time and energy walking through aisles. The Shelf Storage and Picking System also maintains First In First Out (FIFO) control better than manual systems, while keeping inventory safe from potential theft or damage.

SK Daifuku offers another innovative solution to help warehousing and distribution operations run more efficiently with the Shelf Storage and Picking system. Developed by SK Daifuku engineers, this system offers the quality you expect from the leading name in the material handling industry.

For more information, contact SK Daifuku Corporation, 5202 Douglas Corrigan Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116. Phone: 801-359-9900; FAX: 801-359-9911; Email: Information on SK Daifuku products and services via the Internet is available at SK Daifuku's Web site,

SK Daifuku Corporation, a Daifuku Company, designs, sells, installs, and supports a complete line of world-class logistics systems for material handling in factory, distribution, and cleanroom environments. SK Daifuku's full range of products includes conveyors, sortation systems, transport vehicles, order-picking systems, storage buffers, and real-time warehouse management software (WMS) for automated, semi-automated, and manual factory/distribution operations. For cleanroom applications, SK Daifuku offers a variety of stockers, lifters, and interbay/intrabay transport systems for 200mm and advanced 300mm wafer fabs, along with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Flat Panel Display (FPD) and other cleanroom applications. SK Daifuku is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with regional offices and factory representatives located throughout the United States.

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