Stop! Look No Further than EAO for Emergency-Stop Switches

EAO, the Expert for Human Machine Interfaces, manufactures a range of high-quality Emergency-stop switches that can be relied on in panic situations.

One push of the actuator instantly releases normally closed contacts, thus immediately terminating power. The switches are re-activated either by hand twisting the actuator, or when additional security is required, by unlocking the actuator with a key. They satisfy international standards including the new DIN EN ISO 13850, which replaced the EN 418 directive from March 1, 2007, that demands a "foolproof" switch operation.

Built for strength, they will even endure a heavy frontal impact that is often the case in a panic situation.

EAO offers the heavy-duty Series 04 and Series 44 Emergency-stop for large machinery applications, a 37mm diameter switch for 22.5mm mounting. For space restricted applications, such as compact test equipment, EAO manufacturers the Series 61, a 27mm diameter switch for mounting in a 16mm cutout.

If poor lighting conditions are an issue, EAO offers a compact, illuminated 'foolproof' mono-block design Series 84 Emergency-stop switch, which also benefits from side-visible illumination and a short back-panel depth.

EAO is renowned worldwide for its ergonomic expertise. Its range of emergency stop switches offer benefits in terms of easy assembly, mounting and operation.

EAO options include twist-to-unlock or key-to-unlock mechanisms and a variety of protective shrouds, switch box enclosures, labels and engraving. EAO's family of high quality and reliable Emergency-stop switches are readily available with complete switches in small quantities starting at approximately $20.00 per unit.

For more information on our Emergency-stop switches, visit our web site at or contact EAO at 98 Washington Street, Milford, CT 06460; Telephone: 203-877-4577; Fax: 203-877-3694. Send E-mail inquiries to

Contact: Dan DiGioia, Marketing Manager

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