StoGuard(TM) Spray-On Housewrap Featured on Discovery Network's 'Renovation Nation'

Historic House Updated with Sustainable, Earth Friendly Products

ATLANTA - (August 5, 2008) Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in cladding, coating, and restoration systems, helped make the renovation of an EarthCraft House even more energy efficient by using StoGuard, the fluid applied waterproofing/air barrier.

Renewal Construction of Decatur, Ga., with the recommendation of Southface Energy Institute, completed a home renovation project in July 2008 and is now airing on the Discovery Network's "Renovation Nation".

The construction company was charged with finding sustainable, environmentally friendly products to renovate this house, which added a second floor and doubled the square footage, while retaining the foundation, first-floor flooring system, existing bathroom, existing deck, and front porch.

"We have worked with Ernesto Medina of Stucco & Masonry Renovators in Atlanta for years, and knew he had just the right product for the building envelope," said Anna Carbone, pre-construction manager for Renewal Construction. "We chose an awesome product from Sto Corp., called StoGuard(TM), as our spray-on house wrap."

According to Carbone, they have used StoGuard on renovation projects for several months and have used various Sto Corp. products for years. The owners, members of Southface Energy Institute, were pleased to have StoGuard as a part of this renovation.

"The EarthCraft House standard requires air leakage of less than 0.5 exchanges per hour, measured through a blower door test. Our old house, with judicious application of caulk and weather-stripping, measured at 0.46 exchanges per hour. While this is tighter than the standard, reflect that this means that over the course of two hours, all of the air in the house has exchanged places with outdoor air," said K.C. Boyce, owner of the Decatur house.

The certified EarthCraft home incorporated other environmentally sound features into the Prairie-style home including: Energy Star-rated windows, dual flush toilets, recycled glass countertops, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, geothermal heating and cooling, a tankless water heater, cisterns for rain water harvesting, and on-site materials recycling.

All materials were carefully selected for recycled content and minimal travel distance from the supplier to the job site. Architectural plans for the renovation were created by local architect Eric Rawlings, AIA, who has dedicated his career on designing and promoting sustainable living. He puts a great deal of focus on features that a lot of designers overlook, such as solar heat gain and water harvesting.

"We are thrilled to be a part of this sustainable, energy efficient renovation," said Lisa Petsko, product manager of Sto Corp. "We are partners with EarthCraft House and have also worked with Renewal Construction, so we saw this as a perfect opportunity to show off our product on national television."

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