Sterile Air Filter Elements feature PTFE support material.

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Designed for sterile filtration of compressed air, process air, technical gases, and vent applications, P-SRF Elements feature retention rate of greater than or equal to 99.99998% related to less than or equal to 0.2 micron. Stainless steel construction ensures mechanical stability, thermal resistance up to 392°F, and more than 100 sterilization cycles. Available in 13 sizes, elements meet FDA requirements for food contact and have validated retention of bacteria and viruses.

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Donaldson Sterile Air Filter Elements Lower Operating Costs

20% differential pressure reduction during dewetting after steaming results in lower operating costs

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Donaldson Company (NYSE:DCI), a leading, worldwide manufacturer of compressed air purification equipment and process filters, offers the Donaldson P-SRF Sterile Air Filter Elements with PTFE support material for sterile filtration of compressed air, process air, technical gases and vent applications. The P-SRF sterile wrapped depth filter element has a retention rate of ≥99.99998% related to ≤0.2 micron to ensure the safe and sterile filtration of process gases.

The new P-SRF element with PTFE support material delivers a 20% reduction in differential pressure during dewetting after steaming compared to the current element with Nomex®* support material, which results in lower operating costs. The P-SRF provides low pressure drop, high dirt-holding capacity, great strength, and long service life to dramatically reduce your operating costs.

Donaldson P-SRF filter elements are available in 13 sizes and different connection options to meet virtually all purification requirements. The high-quality stainless steel construction ensures excellent mechanical stability, thermal resistance up to 392°F, and more than 100 sterilization cycles possible at specific conditions. All components meet FDA requirements for contact with food in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), title 21, are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, integrity tested at the plant, have validated retention of bacteria and viruses, LRV > 7/cm2 (Brevundimonas diminuta), and LRV > 9/cm2 (MS2 - Coliphagae).

Donaldson Compressed Air & Process Filtration provides replacement filters with proprietary media to extend filter life, optimize performance and minimize downtime. A wide variety of replacement filter elements and service items are stocked for shipment within 24 hours. Donaldson also offers replacement filter elements for many brands of filtration housings. Donaldson provides industrial air, sterile air, culinary steam, tank venting, and liquid filtration products from pre-filtration to final, and from low to high capacity, so when you think purity, think Donaldson.

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Donaldson is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems that improve people's lives, enhance our Customers' equipment performance, and protect our environment. We are a technology-driven company committed to satisfying our Customers' needs for filtration solutions through innovative research and development, application expertise and global presence. Our employees contribute to the Company's success by supporting our Customers at our more than 100 sales, manufacturing, and distribution locations around the world.

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*Nomex is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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