Stereotaxic Instrument features dual-lead screw design.

Press Release Summary:

Stereotaxic Instrument is offered in single and dual manipulator arms in manual or digital versions. Offering 180° vertical rotation and 360° horizontal rotation, product is available for rat, mouse, and larger animals. Manual version instruments offer resolution of 100 µm whereas the digital versions deliver 10 µm resolutions. Unit’s dual-lead screw design provides accurate and smooth manipulations.

Original Press Release:

New Stereotaxic Instrument Line

The Harvard Apparatus Stereotaxic Instrument line offers the same great features you have come to expect in a high quality stereotaxic instrument. The dual-lead screw design ensures stable, accurate, and smooth manipulations, while laser engraved scales allow for easy and precise readings. The instrument offers 180o vertical rotation, 360o horizontal rotation, and the ability to lock at any angle.

These new stereotaxic instruments are available for rat, mouse, and larger animals. Design options include the standard U-frame, a compact design that eliminates the U-frame, and a large animal rail-mounted frame. Harvard Apparatus Stereotaxic Instruments are available with a single or dual manipulator arm. The manual versions offer a resolution of 100 µm while the digital versions offer a resolution of 10 µm.

Key features

  • Single and dual manipulator arms in manual or digital versions
  • Standard U-frame design or compact design
  • Wide range of species adapters available
  • Variety of different holders available

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