Stereo Microscope offers 2 software options for 2D measurement.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with sealed USB 2.0 digital camera for simultaneous optical and digital viewing, Mantis Elite-Cam uses ViFox and ViAxos software to store images as JPG, BMP, or PNG. ViFox offers image capture, file sharing, and onscreen measurement, as well as ability to set key parameters while viewing live image. ViAxos, providing advanced 2D measurement options such as feature-to-feature measurement, offers digital zoom option so features can be inspected in greater detail.

Original Press Release:

NEW Software Options for Mantis Elite-Cam

Vision Engineering has introduced two new software options for their Mantis Elite-Cam, Stereo Microscope with instant digital image capture.

Vision Engineering is a world leader in optical solutions for inspection and measurement with over 50 years of design and manufacturing for engineers by engineers.
Mantis Elite-Cam comprises of a standard Mantis Elite, with a factory-integrated and sealed USB2.0 digital camera, permitting simultaneous optical and digital viewing.
Both software options, ViFox and ViAxos enable images to be stored as JPG, BMP, or PNG, and provide 2D measurement of features including lines, circles, areas, and angles. Camera options allow adjustments to be made including brightness and contrast for image enhancement.

The intuitive ViFox software allows you to easily set key parameters whilst viewing the live image, providing fast, precise imaging of your samples and components. Then simply capture, document and archive your images - the best pictures in the shortest time! Easy to use with fast navigation, the ViFox is a good option for quick and easy image capture, file sharing and onscreen measurement. ViFox is available in English, German, Spanish and Italian.

ViAxos is an alternative software option for the Mantis Elite-Cam, providing advanced 2D measurement options such as feature to feature measurement. ViAxos also provides a digital zoom option so individual features can be inspected in greater detail. Measurement data can be exported into Excel for further analysis. This software option is available in English, German, French and Italian.

Company Details

Vision Engineering designs and manufactures eyepieceless and expanded pupil microscopes for laboratory and industrial applications. Established in 1958, more than 300,000 systems have been installed world-wide for inspection and measurement tasks. Company headquarters are based in Woking, UK with manufacturing facilities in the US and UK. Regional offices are located throughout North America, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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