Stepping Motor provides high torque in tight spaces.

Press Release Summary:

Compact 1.8° NEMA 34 Motor provides torque from 310-920 oz-in., based on unipolar ratings, and is available in 2.6, 3.77, and 5.0 in. lengths. Unipolar and bipolar windings allow adjustment of torque and speed. Motor moves larger loads, increases torque periphery, and slims down existing motor. It suits applications where load capacities are critical to precision system operation, such as labeling machines, vending machines, and slot machines.

Original Press Release:

High-torque stepper motor fits in tight spots

Santa Clara , CA - November 2003 - Lin Engineering is known for its ability to design a motor to maximize torque at your desired speed. The company's size 34, high torque stepping motor provides a greater amount of torque in order to move larger loads, increase torque periphery, or slim down a motor in an existing application.

The 1.8º NEMA 34 High Torque Motor is available in 2.6", 3.77" and 5.0" lengths. The motors are capable of holding torque from 310 to 920 oz-in based on unipolar ratings. Unipolar and bipolar windings are available to allow for torque and speed to accommodate your application. The high torque motor provides approximately two times more holding torque than a standard motor of similar design. The size 34 motor can provide high step accuracy as well as high resolution.

The size 34 High Torque Step Motor is suggested in applications where load capacities are critical to precision system operation. Some specific examples include: labeling machines, vending machines, slot machines... and more.

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