Stepper Motors survive exposure to the elements.

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Size 34 WR-Series weather-resistant motors provide protection and operational reliability required by vehicles and portable equipment in outdoor applications. They feature anodized aluminum exteriors, and are built to tolerate wide temperature range and withstand typical shock and vibration.

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New Weather Resistant Motors Provide Cost Effective Protection from the Elements

ROHNERT PARK, CA -- Empire Magnetics introduces size 34 WR-Series Weather Resistant Stepper Motors. These motors provide the protection and reliable operation required of vehicles and other portable equipment in outdoor applications, without the high costs often associated with waterproof or other custom motors.

"There is growing demand from volume OEMs for motors that are able to survive exposure to the elements in outdoor applications, but without the costs associated with properly designed waterproof motors," says Richard Halstead, President of Empire Magnetics. "Our new Weather Resistant series motors fill the void between standard industrial motors that will not survive the elements, and submersible or washdown rated products that can be too costly."

Weather Resistant series motors feature an anodized aluminum exterior, the same as that used to manufacture boats. This provides a durable exterior for exposed weather applications, however, aluminum is most often not a viable option in food processing applications. These motors are designed to withstand the wide range of temperatures that a vehicle-mounted motor is likely to encounter between the Artic and the Sahara. The motors are engineered to handle typical shock and vibration challenges, but are not tested for submersible application - applications requiring submersible operation should consider Empire's Waterproof series motors.

"When most people think of weather resistance they think of rain, but there are many other factors to take into consideration including mud, blowing dust, snow, sleet, ice, humidity, fog, fungus, insects and the nemesis of all metals-- corrosion. "I can't say we have solved all problems for all applications, but I think we have defined a good value combination that can help many OEMs looking for more than a standard industrial motor, but less than a full-blown custom waterproof motor," says Mr. Halstead.

For more information visit, or contact Empire Magnetics, Inc., 5780B LaBath Ave., P.O. Box 1908, Rohnert Park, CA 94928; phone: (707) 584-2801; fax: (707) 584-3418; email:

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