Stepper Motor/Driver Packages achieve optimal application results.

Press Release Summary:

CVK Series includes 24 Vdc input driver combined with 2 stepper types featuring 1.8°, 0.72°, and 0.36° step angles. While 1.8° motor type offers highest torque in low-speed range, 0.72° motor type maximizes mid- to upper-speed range, and 0.36° motor type provides optimal positional. Offering 5 frame sizes from 0.79–2.36 in., series has common driver size, mounting, and wiring to facilitate testing and standardization. Fully digital standard full time microstepping driver minimizes vibration.

Original Press Release:

Oriental Motor Introduces an all New 24 VDC Input 1.8°, 0.72° & 0.36° CVK Stepper Motor and Driver Packages

Performance Driven High Torque Stepper Motors for the Optimum Application Results

Torrance, CA — Oriental Motor is pleased to introduce our new CVK Series, compact standardized 24 volt DC input driver combined with performance driven, high torque stepper motors for the optimum application results. The CVK Series offers customers a common driver platform and wiring from which to choose the desired performance, allowing for improved machine performance while saving space and reducing costs.

The new CVK Series replaces our CMK and CRK round shaft open frame packages and features 2 motor types with 3 basic step angles. Choose from 1.8°, 0.72° or a 0.36° step angle, each with specific performance advantages. While the driver is matched to the motor type with maximum current setting flexibility, the driver size, mounting and wiring are common, allowing for easy testing and standardization. The 1.8° motor type offers the highest torque in the low speed range. The 0.72° motor type is designed to maximize the mid to upper speed range and the 0.36° provides superior positional accuracy compared to 1.8° and 0.9° stepper motors.

With the fully digital, standard full time microstepping driver, the lowest vibration is achieved throughout the entire speed ranges for all motors; especially low to mid ranges which are typical noise and vibration problem areas for stepper motors.

The new CVK Series is available in five frame sizes: 20 mm (0.79 in.) to 56.4 / 60 mm (2.36 in.). For customers requiring a driver only, the CVD driver is also available with its wide range of adjustable current settings.

The CVK Series’ key features are:

• 50% more torque in the lower speed range for 1.8° motors

• 85% more torque in the mid and upper speed range for 0.72° / 0.36° motors

• Superior Positional Accuracy with the 0.36° motors.

• Low vibration due to fully digital microstepping driver

Visit our web site to learn more about the new CVK Series and other motor and driver packages available.


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