Step Motor Driver has integrated controller.

Press Release Summary:

FTFc Miniature Step Motor Driver features high speed motor torque up to 26,000 SPS, current limiting ability up to 48 V, RS232 set motor speed parameters, and ability to connect multiple units for robotic motions. Unit is designed for remote control or stand alone operation, and full step or half step micro stepping in 1.46 x 1.46 x .27 in. package.

Original Press Release:

Miniature Integrated Step Motor Driver/Controller

Superior, CO - Simplicity is beautiful. Excitron Corporation announces the release of a new step motor controller that is a vast improvement in the motion control arena. This miniature Step Motor Driver with integrated, built in Controller is called FTFc. Utilizing a design that is a departure from old school drive/controller design. The design has been created from the ground up to greatly simplify motion control, but costing far less than traditional clunky and complicated units. This enables us to employ low cost overseas manufacturing while maintaining the integrity of the finished product. Try it and you will be convinced!


·Intelligent Motion With Features Required for High Performance
·Incredibly Simple, Ten Minute Learning Curve
·Easily Set Motor Speed Parameters Via RS232
·Special High Speed Motor Torque, Up To 26,000 SPS
·Unique Current Limiting, For Use Up To 48 Volts
·Greater Motor Torque Due To High Efficiency
·Connect Multiple Units For Robotic Motions
·Remote Control Or Stand Alone Operation
·Micro stepping; Full Step or Half Step
·Rugged And Maintenance Free
·Effectively does away with the "Myth" that bipolar produces more torque
·Smallest controller/driver available-only 1.46"square by .27" thick

Excitron Corporation was founded in 1992, combining the strength of over 30 years of high level electronics and mechanical engineering with as many years of practical design work, to achieve a solid product. Our personnel have equally as many years of training and practical experience in serving the needs of a vast array of customers in a highly organized and professional manner. Excitron was founded on the belief that manufacturing a great product is not enough! We strive to effectively surpass the requirements of our customers. For more information, please contact our knowledgeable and helpful staff at: Excitron Corporation, 333 N. Snowmass Circle, Superior, CO 80027-6125 USA.
Phone: 303-507-6967
Fax: 720-528- 7940


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