Stencil Cleaning Detergent has water soluble formulation.

Press Release Summary:

Available in ready-to-use spray bottles, 440-R SMT Detergent replaces hazardous solvents with safe, water soluble detergent that cleans effectively to optimize print production. RoHS-compliant product eliminates noxious odors and hazards associated with solvent cleaning. It is non-flammable, has no VOCs, and is safe on all metals and plastics.

Original Press Release:

Manual Stencil Cleaning is Now Safe & Effective!

440-R SMT Detergent is now available in ready-to-use spray bottles for safe and effective manual cleaning of SMT stencils and related tooling. 440-R SMT Detergent is the most widely used and only stencil-cleaning chemistry verified for specific parameters of environmental safety, user safety and cleaning efficiency by the U.S. EPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program. While ultrasonic technology is the most effective methodology for removing solder paste from SMT stencils, manual cleaning continues to be the most common methodology worldwide.

Stencil cleaning has been identified as the most hazardous process with the greatest potential environmental impact associated with SMT assembly. Flammable and VOC solvents such as alcohol and acetone have been commonly used. Ready-to-use 440-R SMT Detergent replaces these hazardous solvents with a safe water soluble detergent that cleans more effectively to improve print production and eliminates the noxious odors and hazards associated with solvent cleaning.

o The next best thing to using a Smart Sonic stencil cleaner

o Non-Hazardous

o Non-Flammable

o No VOCs

o RoHS Compliant

o Eliminates the hazards and noxious odors of solvent cleaners

o Safe on all metals and plastics

o Economical

o Just spray on and wipe off

o Cleans all types of solder paste & even in the apertures!

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