STEN Corp Unit to Distribute Liquid Filter® - Improves Air Quality with Earth-Friendly Formula that Cleans the Air

(Removes Dust and Smoke Odor Particles down to .001 Micron)

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 3 - "Airborne pollutants present a constant battle in homes, offices, schools, cars, trucks, boats and other environments. The challenge is to find a solution that eliminates odor-causing pollutants but at the same time is earth-friendly, non-toxic and free of fragrances or masking agents. STEN Corporation's ZBiZ business unit is excited to introduce Liquid Filter® to the consumer market because it stands out in the crowded marketplace of so-called odor eliminators, which typically offer only the short term solution of masking or covering up odors, but not removing them. Liquid Filter® is scientifically engineered to target and eliminate odors at the source, actually cleaning the air," said STEN Corporation CEO, Kenneth Brimmer. Publicly-held STEN Corporation (NASDAQ:STEN), is a distributor of Liquid Filter®, now available through the company's website at

Product inventor and Air Glacier Systems CEO Leigh Bernholtz commented, "The Liquid Filter® formula delivers an elimination solution that is a result of intense testing, as well as in-depth research and development. I developed Liquid Filter® to fill a void in the marketplace; in my opinion, existing products did not deliver total results. It was my goal to invent a product that eliminated the problems instead of simply masking them."

Bernholtz added, "Liquid Filter® removes dust, pet dander, and other non-living particulates down to .001 micron. To put that in perspective, a dot of approximately 1/64 of an inch equals 615 microns. Liquid Filter® collects and facilitates elimination of the non-living particulates, allowing users to breathe better quality air."

Liquid Filter® has been used for years in a variety of commercial applications including schools, universities, and nursing homes. It is now being offered to the consumer market and is easy to use in countless applications including homes, offices, vehicles, pet areas, smoky areas, locker rooms, laundry rooms, diaper pails, musty basements and anywhere that air quality issues exist. Spray on furnace filters to treat the air in an entire home or office; also effective in cars, trucks, boats, and RV's by spraying into vehicle vents and air filters. Liquid Filter® may also be sprayed applied near any odor source to collect and remove smells. It may also be applied to a towel or other absorbent material and the odor will be attracted and captured by the material. Simply wash and reuse after moistening material with a new application of Liquid Filter®.

Brimmer added, "Our ZBiZ division specializes in products that are environmentally friendly, and provide innovative solutions to common challenges faced by a variety of audiences, including consumers and businesses. From a trend perspective, the air freshener category continues its impressive growth, because the consumer demand for these products is tremendous. In fact, total sales for the air fresheners category in 2007 was approximately $1 billion, according to Information Resources, Inc. Experts also point to the trend toward 'green' and all natural products, again due to the heightened awareness of consumers. We believe that Liquid Filter® has the potential to assume a leadership place in the market, given the highly effective, environmentally friendly properties of the product."

About Liquid Filter®

Developed by Air Glacier Systems, Inc. Liquid Filter® is produced in the USA and has demonstrated impressive results in eliminating odors, dust and other pollutants down to .001 micron. Liquid Filter® removes airborne pollutants by attracting and holding airborne particles, neutralizing and cleaning air. Effective in improving air quality, Liquid Filter is 100% environmentally safe and comes with a money back guarantee. Visit for the product and additional information.

About STEN Corporation

STEN Corporation, headquartered in Minnesota, is a diversified business and its STENCOR, Inc. subsidiary provides contract manufacturing and distribution services through ZBiZ at its manufacturing and distribution facility located in Jacksonville, Texas. For more information, visit

STEN Corporation common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol STEN. More information about STEN Corporation is available at the Company's website:

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