Steinert Announces Sucessful Installation of ISS Super Sensor Wire Recovery System

Erlanger, KY -- ( -- Steinert announces the installation of three 96" ISS machines, each equipped with the Steinert Super Sensor, in the downstream of an 800hp shredder. This unique configuration successfully recovers +90% of all wire in the post ECS (eddy current) stream.

After preparation with Steinert dual stage magnetic pre-separators (MRB) and eddy current system (ECS), the ECS-waste is fed to the first induction sorting system (ISS), ejecting virtually all remaining metals. Because of its extremely high sorting efficiency and unlike any other comparable systems available, the first ISS doesn't require a scavenger-loop in which an additional machine would be looking for missed metals in the waste. Unnecessary investment & operation costs are therefore already eliminated in the first stage by keeping the number of machines at an absolute minimum!

With the waste from the first ISS being free of any metals and therefore taken out of the process, the first pass metal product cascades onto the second ISS which separates stainless steel and other remaining metals away from the flock that still carries the wires, producing a first class ZURIK. The third ISS finally yields a copper wire product which includes the required +90% of the overall copper wire to be found in the feed to the system. Contrary to other systems which can be found in the market the Steinert wire recovery system, based on the ISS Super Sensor, allows for the highest recovery ratios due to the efficient modular design of the ISS machine. Whereas the other systems lose certain types of wire somewhere in the process, the Steinert machines get them all, no matter if they´re insulated or bare copper wires, and regardless of the color of the insulation.

In addition to the maximum ICW recovery design, Steinert has also successfully introduced the 3D-ISS combo sorter which is primarily being used to upgrade the quality of the wire product if maximum purity is preferred over maximum recovery. No matter which way you choose, Steinert is dedicated to your maximum!

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