Steering Mirror Platforms provide 20 nrad resolution.

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Available in 6 closed loop and open loop models for mirrors up to 50 mm dia, S-330 platforms provide precise angular tip/tilt motion of top platform around 2 orthogonal axes. Flexure-guided, piezoelectrically driven systems feature optical beam deflection to 20 mrad and greater than 3 kHz resonant frequency for sub-millisecond step response. Single pivot-point design prevents drawback of polarization rotation, which is common with 2-axis stacked systems.

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Piezo Beam Steering Mirror Platforms Provide Larger Angles, High Bandwidth & Stability

Dec. 2007, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. - a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based precision motion-control equipment for bio-nanotechnology, photonics and semiconductor applications-has extended the S-330 high-dynamics piezo tip/tilt platform family by several new large-angle models.

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Features & Advantages:
o Six Closed Loop & Open Loop Models for Mirrors up to 50 mm Diameter
o Optical Beam Deflection to 20 mrad (>1°)
o > 3kHz Resonant Frequency for Sub-Millisecond Step Response
o Resolution to 20 nrad - Excellent Position Stability
o Parallel-Kinematics Design for Higher Dynamics, Stability & Linearity
o Closed-Loop Versions for Better Linearity
o Differential Drives for Excellent Temperature Stability

Typical Applications
Beam correction, laser surgery, image stabilization, interlacing, dithering, laser scanning / beam steering, optical communications, high resolution microscopy / spectroscopy

2-Axis, Flexure Guided, No Polarization Rotation
S-330 steering mirror platforms provide precise angular tip/tilt motion of the top platform around two orthogonal axes. These flexure-guided, piezoelectrically driven systems can provide higher accelerations than other actuators, enabling step response times in the sub-millisecond range.

The single pivot-point design also prevents the drawback of polarization rotation, which is common with conventional 2-axis stacked systems, e.g. galvo scanners.

Closed-loop and open-loop versions with 3 different tilt ranges up to 10 mrad (20 mrad optical deflection) are available.

Parallel-Kinematics: Smaller with Improved Stability, Linearity & Dynamics
PI piezo steering mirrors are based on a parallel-kinematics design with coplanar rotational axes and a single moving platform driven by two pairs of differential actuators. The advantage is jitter-free, multi-axis motion with excellent temperature stability. Compared to stacked (two-stage), mirror scanners, the parallel-kinematics design provides symmetrical dynamic performance in both axes with faster response and better linearity in a smaller package.

About PI
PI is a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision motion-control equipment for photonics, nanotechnology, semiconductor and life science applications. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products with piezoelectric and electromagnetic drives for 35+ years. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and provides innovative, high-quality solutions for OEM and research. PI is present worldwide with eight subsidiaries and total staff of 450+.

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