Steerable Wheel Sorter handles 40-80 cartons per minute.

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Designed to mount inside universal side frame of Modular Conveyor System, Steerable Wheel Sorter accommodates cases, cartons, totes, and trays weighing up to 110 lb. In transport mode, 4 rows of wheels turn in forward direction conveying product straight on conveyor. When load requires diverting, control logic simultaneously rotates and increases speed of all steerable wheels of sorter to accomplish divert action. Conveyed load is diverted from conveyor at 30°.

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Dematic Introduces New Sorter - Steerable Wheel Design Offers Effective Mid-Rate Sorting

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, - Dematic has expanded the Modular Conveyor System(TM) family of products to include a Steerable Wheel Sorter. The sorter, engineered to accommodate cases, cartons, totes or trays weighing up to 110 pounds (50 kg), features robust performance for a wide variety of warehouse and distribution center applications. The steerable wheel design supports applications that require sort rates in the range of 40-80 cartons per minute.

The Steerable Wheel Sorter is a modular device that mounts inside the universal side frame of the Modular Conveyor System. This design allows the sorter to be easily re-located along the conveyor path if divert locations change. To re-locate or add a new sorter, rollers in the conveyor are removed at the new location. The Steerable Wheel Sorter module is bolted into the side frame of the conveyor while the controls are configured and connected.

In the transport mode, the four rows of wheels turn in the forward direction conveying product straight on the conveyor. When a load requires diverting, the control logic simultaneously rotates and increases the speed of all the steerable wheels of the sorter to effectively accomplish the divert action. The conveyed load is diverted from the conveyor at 30 degrees. Once the load has diverted, the steerable wheels rotate back to the forward direction.

"For low and mid-rate applications, the Steerable Wheel Sorter offers outstanding performance with sort rates up to 80 cartons per minute," says Gregg Vandenbosch, Product Manager at Dematic. "Furthermore, it is engineered for operations that may need to re-configure their layout in the future and that seems to include many users in this era of changing operational requirements."

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