Steelcraft Retrofits, Repurposes, Alters, and Repairs Process Tanks and Pressure Vessels

Do you have surplus storage, process or pressure tanks in your facility or yard sitting idle? Consider a retrofit. Refurbishing or repurposing a tank – adding technologies such as a mixer, agitator, disperser or heat transfer surface, can be a highly cost effective way to double your throughput. 

Steelcraft is uniquely positioned to help with this kind of retrofit.  There are companies who are tank-building shops. And there are companies who supply mixers. But there are very few companies who supply both technologies and who have the engineering expertise to perform a retrofit to bring these two technologies together. 

Pressure Vessel Retrofitting

Ideally in a retrofit scenario, the tank is removed from service and sent to Steelcraft's Engineered Products team so we can do the modifications in house.  But if the vessel has enough support and integrity, the retrofit can occur right on site with the tank in place, simply by adding a mixer to an unused port. 

Pressure Vessel Alteration

In some instances, tanks can not only be retrofitted, but altered to support a new business process.  In this instance, Steelcraft's team will review the needs of the business, and determine if the tank can be adapted to a new process – for instance, a slow speed agitator replaced for a high-speed disperser, or a heat transfer surface added so the tank can be heated or cooled.

Pressure Vessel Repair

A malfunction of your pressure vessel does not necessarily mean that the equipment must be retired. Steelcraft Engineered Products can perform any level of repair required allowing you to extend the life and service of your investment.

When it comes to budget, retrofitting, altering or repairing existing tanks can be a much easier expense to justify than a new capital outlay.  A business case is much simpler to build when the justification is based on updating an existing piece of equipment,that is already in place in the facility, already has process piping in place, and in many cases has been written down on the books. 

If you would like to tap into unused capacity to increase your throughput, contact us today to learn how at

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