Steelcase Creates "Harder Working Spaces" at NeoCon 2010

CHICAGO -- Steelcase, (NYSE:SCS), a global office environments manufacturer, debuts new benching, workspace and seating solutions, and the integration of technologies in the workplace to create harder working spaces at NeoCon 2010, the World's Trade Fair for Interior Design and Facilities Management. The innovations on display help organizations create environments that cater to the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace.

"In the current business environment, employees and organizations are asked to do more with less -- whether it is time, personnel or space.
That requires organizations to rethink workplace strategy and to make the most of limited resources," said Jim Keane, president of Steelcase Group. "To help our customers manage this change, we're introducing new products and upgrading our line with products that deliver the promise of harder working spaces."


As companies consider and pursue real estate compression strategies, Steelcase is introducing FrameOne(TM), a user-centered bench that supports both a worker's need for personalized space and the desire to connect with a team. A popular solution in Europe, and now a global platform, FrameOne offers the versatility to allow individuals to remain effective and efficient at work, while also supporting organizational needs to reduce real estate commitment.

In addition, the popular Answer® and c:scape® systems have been enhanced. The Answer system now features 10 new enhancements that include additional lighting and storage solutions, frameless glass for visual boundary and increased access to natural light, and panels with new skins that extend to the floor. The c:scape system has been broadened to include new storage and privacy elements.


Steelcase is offering several new seating products and enhancements to respond to customer needs across various vertical markets. From the Steelcase Education Solutions Group, there is node(TM), a chair that helps students seamlessly transition between learning modes, such as lecture and group work. Features include a swivel seat, ample worksurface for notebooks and laptops, and effective storage space on the chair's arm and base.

A combination of good design, comfort and affordability, Reply® is a global family of Steelcase seating that includes task and multi-use chairs. Effective while simple, Reply offers the fundamental adjustments needed for proper ergonomic support and long-term comfort.
Available upholstered or with unique comfort mesh, Reply will begin shipping in the United States in November 2010.

Move(TM), a chair that uses ergonomic technology to create a flexible and durable seating structure, will be available with a non-upholstered seat and 12 color options for the seat and back. The low-maintenance plastic seat option makes it appropriate for a variety of applications including healthcare offices, higher education settings and collaborative workplace environments.

The enhancements to Steelcase's Amia® chair further expand on the concept of providing "one chair for all." Intuitive and ergonomically supportive, the new luxurious finishes, upholstered outer back and upholstered leather arm caps for Amia provide state-of-the-art-seating technology with clean and simple lines at a mid-level price point.


Technology today allows people to work from almost anywhere, but with the proper tools, it also helps make the most of time spent in the office. One such tool is media:scape®, a product that merges furniture and technology, allowing users to collaborate and share information seamlessly by connecting their laptops -- and now mobile devices like the iPod® -- to a puck housed within the table. The media:scape settings on display at NeoCon will feature the newly enhanced RoomWizard® scheduling device, which will allow users to reserve time on media:scape, displaying how the two products work together to facilitate collaboration in the workplace.

RoomWizard is a next-generation room scheduling device that connects people with the spaces they need to be more productive. The tool has undergone expansive upgrades and features a new touch-screen display, accessibility via laptops or mobile phones, compatibility with Zigbee® radio and password security. On the functional side, RoomWizard delivers power over Ethernet to simplify installation costs and reduce energy consumption.

Wood Furniture

Steelcase's wood furniture line affords organizations an elegant look that is also functional. At a time when every vertical and horizontal square inch counts, Steelcase is introducing FlexFrame(TM) workwall, a new systems product that activates vertical space for storage, display and technology integration. Designed by Jorge Pensi and the Steelcase Design Studio, FlexFrame workwall enables increased storage density in smaller spaces and easily reconfigures to adapt to changing demands on space.

Along the same lines, Steelcase is enhancing its freestanding office system, Elective Elements® 6 so that it can cater to the open plan and amount of technology in today's hardworking office. New high performance components include storage units with an integral channel for power and data distribution.

Surface Materials

As part of an ongoing effort to offer a broader range of surface material choices across pattern, texture, price and color -- all while being thoughtful to the environment -- Steelcase's Surface Materials is introducing a variety of new fabric options. Partnering with best in class companies, Designtex and Pollack, Steelcase is offering new seating fabric options where product testing, yardage calculations and pricing are all done for the customer. The partnership allows Steelcase to focus on its strength in material development, while collaborating with experts who understand the "toolbox" of different materials, as well as their environmental and design implications.

In addition, Steelcase is introducing new and enhanced vertical surface and seating fabrics in patterns and color made from 100% recycled polyester or antimony-free yarn.* In total, there are 10 patterns and over 100 colors joining the collection.

*Yarn used in making this material contains less than 100 parts per million of antimony.

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