Steelcase Celebrates Global Work with New Product Introductions and a Common Language at NeoCon 2007

CHICAGO, June 11 // -- Steelcase Inc. (NYSE:SCS), a global office environments manufacturer, today opens its showroom for exhibition at NeoCon 2007, the World's Trade Fair for Interior Design and Facilities Management. Introduced this year is an ergonomic task chair that melds beauty, performance and durability, an expanded collection of surface materials with a larger color palette and more user options, new environmental accomplishments, and a playful, but honest interpretation of common work experiences around the globe.

"Steelcase spends a significant amount of time researching and studying the ways people work in order to develop sustainable solutions that improve effectiveness and efficiency. At this year's NeoCon, we are introducing products that reflect our research, insights and solutions for global work environments," said James P. Hackett, president and CEO of Steelcase Inc.

Known Around The World

At this year's NeoCon show, Steelcase explores the common patterns of the work experience that transcend industries, geographies, company size or job type. There are patterns of work that are universal and universally challenging. To help communicate these international observances in a universal way, Steelcase is showcasing a series of pictographs to represent how we work and what we experience when at work.

Along with the pictographs, a host of work environments explore the four primary ways people work:

o "I" spaces represent one-person work, which varies depending on the individual's work style and needs.

o "You + Me" spaces are for two-person work. People spend 80 percent of the workday working alone or with one other person, often at one person's desk. Steelcase advocates settings where the individual space supports the work of one person and of two working together.

o "we" spaces are for three to five people. Spaces designed for small groups foster collaboration, communication and implementation.

o "WE" spaces are for large groups of six or more people. As work becomes more mobile and collaboration more important, large group spaces are in demand.

Each of these varied spaces, as well as insights into current trends, is on display in the Steelcase showroom this year.

Amia(TM) Chair

Intuitive and ergonomically supportive, Amia provides state of the art seating technology with clean and simple lines at a mid level price point. The chair's signature feature is the incorporation of Alive Seating(TM) technology, which allows for dynamic movement and user control. Chairs featuring Alive Seating also possess a strategic approach to sustainability.

Designed by Thomas Overtun of IDEO, Amia senses the user and moves with the individual, leveraging Steelcase's LiveBack(R) technology. A system of flexors within the chair's support zone move up and down the back to fit the user comfortably. The seat is uniquely constructed and contoured to provide seated comfort for long term sitting. Amia comes standard with seat depth adjustment and height, width, pivot and depth adjustable arms allowing for maximum user control and fit.

Amia is composed of materials approved by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) as safe for human and environmental health, and will be Indoor Advantage(TM) certified, helping to meet LEED certification criteria. The chair will also undergo a lifecycle assessment to measure environmental impact through the product's useful life.

New Surface Materials

Designing inspiring spaces requires color, creativity and choice. In an effort to provide those options to architects and designers, Steelcase introduces an enhanced color palette of hard surfaces and new textiles. Introductions include new paints, plastics, laminates and textiles. The hard surface introductions feature crisp, clear neutrals. New metallic and light colors, including whites, provide a balance of warm and cool color options that can support any workplace design.

More expressive color is added to the palette through five new textile patterns. Four new seating upholsteries and one vertical surface fabric feature colors that complement the paint palette, and four of the fabrics are 100 percent recycled polyester.

In addition to these introductions, Steelcase is previewing a new fabric concept. "Flux" is an innovative new fabric collection that leverages Zez(TM) technology. Flux allows the pattern to transform, or morph depending on the position in which it is viewed. This collection will feature several patterns and sophisticated colors that complement the new hard surfaces palette.

Environmental Achievements

Steelcase is also announcing it has received a silver MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certification for an entire powered workstation using its Montage product line including panels, wood worksurfaces, tile fabric, seating and overhead storage. The certification follows on the heels of Steelcase's industry-first certification for its Answer(R) powered workstation in 2006.

The Montage workstation is one of three Steelcase offerings featured at NeoCon 2007, the World's Trade Fair for Interior Design and Facilities Management, with Cradle to Cradle Certification. The other products recognized with silver certifications are Steelcase's Siento executive chair and Pathways Privacy Wall.

The Cradle to Cradle Product Certification places a major emphasis on the human and ecological health impacts of a material's ingredients, and focuses on the ability to recycle or safely compost that material. In addition to stringent material criteria, which includes prohibiting the use of PVC, companies seeking this certification are required to meet strict criteria for social fairness and corporate practices and ethics.

NeoCon 2007 will run from June 11, 2007 through June 13, 2007 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois.

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