Steel Sleeves protect fences from moisture damage.

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Rail Sleeve System URS (Upper Rail Sleeve) and LRS (Lower Rail Sleeve) models prevent swelling, cracking, and rotting of fence members' exposed ends due to moisture absorption. Made from galvanized steel fashioned into closed-end sleeves, URS models install over sawn ends of horizontal fence rails. Also made from galvanized steel, LRS models are applied to lower horizontal fence member at horizontal plane and over sawn-end that abuts vertical post.

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Protect Sawn-ends of Wooden Fence Members from Costly Damage Due To Moisture Exposure

Culver City - The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homeowners, fence contractors, building contractors, home builders and lumber manufacturers for years have had to contend with the harmful effects of moisture. Exposed ends of fence members soak up rainwater, dew (the most insidious source of moisture), and water from irrigation systems. Attempts at prevention in the forms of postcaps, and use of angle cuts to prevent pooling only provide a partial solution. The Rail Sleeve System, developed 3 Palms Manufacturing Co., will begin marketing the Rail Sleeve System=s URS (Upper Rail Sleeve) and LRS (Lower Rail Sleeve) models to address these ubiquitous problems. The components can be installed during professional, new fence installations, as well as in those DIY retrofit projects.

The URS model is made from galvanized steel fashioned into a closed-end sleeve which is installed over the sawn ends of the horizontal fence rails, completely encasing the sawn-ends in a sturdy, moisture resistant barrier. The LRS model also made from galvanized steel is applied to the lower horizontal fence member, at the horizontal plane and over the sawn-end, which abuts the vertical post. The Rail Sleeve System offers its users a bundle of benefits ranging from the economic, to the environmental, to the aesthetic, starting by providing consumers with a long-lasting solution to the persistent problem of a shortened useful life due to swelling, cracking and subsequent rotting, often requiring either individual rail replacements, replacement of sections of a fence, or a completely new fence installation. The products feature economic benefits starting with extending the useful life of the investment beyond 15-20 years, the added comfort of having quality methods and components used throughout the construction process, and cost effective use of dollars spent. Consumers also gain the benefit of being environmentally conscious; the necessity for chemical sealant products are greatly reduced, if not totally eliminated, and provides a viable alternative to products that are not naturally biodegradable. Lastly, those concerned with the aesthetic quality and add ornamental fence hardware - handles, slides, springs, etc., gain the benefit of components that can be made available in the most popular colors - Black, Chocolate, Ensor Green, Olive Green and White. The finish of the initial product offering will be a standard, galvanized finish.

About 3 Palms Manufacturing Co.

3 Palms Manufacturing Co., is a product development company that is being launched with the introduction of the wooden fence Rail Sleeve System and apparatus for the Building Products and DIY sectors of the economy. 3 Palms Manufacturing Co., offers businesses and consumers a cost-effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution in our efforts to save diminishing resources, save money and provide environmental protection and conservation for future generations through the development of new, technically innovative products.

Rail Sleeve System and apparatus (URS and LRS) - US Patent Pending

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