Steel Scrim Vinyl: A Breakthrough in Vinyl Strength and Tenacity

Steel Guard Safety Corp. - Announces a new line of industrial curtains, welding curtains and roll up curtains, boasting a newly developed vinyl fabric, Steel-Scrim(registered trademark) Vinyl. The curtains are excellent for use in welding, grinding, dust control, and protection from machinery. The 15 oz laminate vinyl has been engineered for incredible durability with a polyester scrim designed with a unique tri-lateral scrim which is over 84% stronger than standard 15 oz vinyl laminate, creating over 406 lbs of tensile strength per square inch. The difference is the advanced tri-lateral scrim design which also has the ability to resists tears by bunching up and collapsing upon itself when attempted to tear, keeping small punctures from becoming large tears.

Steel-Scrim Vinyl is available in several product lines including industrial curtains, welding curtains and roll up curtains.

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